If you are into designer and luxury brands or just want to treat yourself, then Kate Spade is just the right place you need to be. You can get your hands on stylish and statement bags here along with many other accessories. 

Kate Spade is America’s biggest fashion brand not only due to trendy designs but also top-notch quality. 

Is Kate Spade A Luxury Brand?

To determine whether Kate Spade is a luxury brand or not we need to consider some important points. For starters, luxury is not always about the price points. Secondly, you need to consider whether the purchase is important or not. 

This could mean two things: that the purchase is essential for you and that you’re in dire need of the product. Second, does buying that particular luxurious product make you happy or put a smile on your face? 

Luxury also comes with the rarity of a product. Kate Spade is an American designer brand that brings a wide range of accessories for you that are not really rare as a matter of fact. Like you can definitely see this brand as an expensive one but one-of-a-kind products are hard to find here. 

Kate Spade caters to a large population without any exclusivity. High prices, exclusivity, and premium materials being offered by any brand really put them on the luxury brand radar. 

Kate Spade is accessible to everyone so that makes it an expensive yet mid-range brand. Now if you shop at LV or Dior then you can feel the exclusive factor there, hence these are luxurious brands

Why Is Kate Spade So Expensive?

Kate Spade is mainly popular because of their bags that are designer and expensive. They are accessible to most of the population but still make us think that why Kate Spade is so expensive?

  • Marketing Tactic

Now any product you see out there. If it is expensive and of a mid-range brand it means that the brand is trying to create exclusivity. Kate Spade, being the mid-range brand it is, sells everything at a high price to create a one-in-a-kind impression.  

This strategy is used by many mid-range popular brands like Micheal Kors in an attempt to tap into a profitable market. 

The reason why Kate Spade markets its bags and other accessories as expensive is to make sure that people who want to look luxurious and can not afford LV bags, can always have a way around it. 

  • Quality 

The other reason why Kate Spade is still relevant, popular among the majority, and has high prices is because of the high quality. The bags you see are made of premium leather along with accessories as well. 

Each bag screams of high-quality material, craftsmanship, and also elegant assembling and stitching. 

So saving up for an expensive bag seems totally worth it if you are getting great quality and obviously want to look fabulous on a budget. 

  • Kate Spade’s Position 

Since 1993 Kate Spade has tried its best to position itself as an exclusive brand in the market. The goal has been to keep the prices high and to create an impression that “not everyone can afford it” throughout the years. 

Most of the articles you see here are manufactured in China which makes them more accessible for people, even if it is after saving some money. 

So now Kate Spade has this “Status Symbol” position in the market for people. You can get a product of lower volume but still, it is expensive and each article is made of amazing premium quality. 

Which Brands Have Luxury Purses?

Luxury purses and bags are not just some runway fashion statement but they are an investment too. When you shop or look for an expensive bag, what makes the experience even more exciting is to know how much of an influence that bag’s brand has. 

Here are some of the bags that are not just luxury but also considered art to invest in by many elite groups of people. 

  • Prada

As we all know that Prada had to be on the list of luxury bags. Some of the pop culture references like the movie “Devil Wears Prada” have made this brand a household luxury name for decades. 

The classic and experimental style has made Prada a statement bag for everyone’s luxury wardrobe. The popular ones are Nylon mini bags and Galleria bags. 

  • Chanel

Like you just can’t go wrong with Chanel ever. Chanel is known to be the power to be reckoned with and an influential fashion house in each decade. 

The brand preaches exclusivity and you see big names like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez carrying them on the red carpet. 

The 2.55 Classic Flap Bag and the Boy Bag are very popular and quite expensive to have. 

  • Hermes

Where to even begin with Hermes as this brand really stands out from all other luxury brands in the market. 

They are known for their style, high prices, premium leather, and statement bags. 

One of the popular bags in the collection of this brand is the Hermes Birkin Bag. It is definitely not easy to get your hands on a Birkin. Like you can’t just walk into the store and buy one. 

You need to get an appointment to get a bag and the bag is worth more than 50 grand in dollars. This bag is actually considered a much better investment than any gold or jewelry piece. 

With all these pointers aside, we all know that not everyone can afford a Birkin. But brands like Kate Spade can make you feel exclusive with a bit overpriced purchase of any bag of your liking. 

You can get any bag and still get the amazing quality for a bit more expensive price tag. Now that is a much better deal to grab than saving up for a Chanel bag. 

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