A watch brand from Switzerland that was founded in 1853 has become a popular watch brand over the years. This brand has a long history and is a prominent one in the horological industry. 

This watch was one of the first and most iconic Swiss watch brands in the watch market. Being popular among many dedicated collectors, Tissot is a household name for many people who love a good quality watch.

With 165 years of watchmaking experience, the brand to this date aims to provide good quality and design to people. 

With its immense popularity, the brand has also been tied to sports since the 1930s. Tissot is highly appreciated among sports enthusiasts and is proudly worn among athletes and sports personnel. 

You can easily find watches for both men and women and the collection here is quite extensive. The huge selection here makes sure that you get a variety of designs to choose from for yourself or for a perfect gift. Every watch collector here is able to find a Tissot watch that suits their style and personality. 

Being a people’s brand, the watches here range from robust pieces for men to some sparkling diamond watches for the ladies, especially the dress watches. 

Is Tissot A Luxury Watch Brand?

Tissot is a luxury Swiss watch brand that has made its place in the market as an entry-level luxury brand so far.

You can certainly find watches here that have diamond elements and other expensive materials in them, but the watches are still considered more affordable than other luxury brands

Swiss watches are popular for their designs and good build of quality that lasts for years. But everyone knows that these watches are high-end and expensive.

But this is not the case with Tissot. You can easily find a watch for 1000 dollars that would also have amazing design and not to mention that the quality is already there. 

Even if it is an affordable luxury the brand still holds the place for being a brand ambassador for many sports events. So if you are a sports enthusiast and are looking for a great quality watch, Tissot is the place where you need to be. 

Even thinking about buying a luxury watch can really break your bank. So Tissot gives you the option of having luxury in your watch collection with a wide range to choose from. 

Are Tissot Watches Durable?

The advertisement for Tissot watches displays that the watch-making art has been handed down forever.

From generation to generation Tissot has been focusing on quality and durability for its watches whether expensive or affordable.

Among many other historic achievements of the brand, making the first-ever non-magnetic watch was a complete game-changer in the watchmaking industry. 

There is a plus sign on the Tissot watches that portrays the Swiss quality and is a sign that this timepiece would last for longer than you think. 

You can tell the popularity of the brand from the fact that it exports almost four million watches every year. The brand is a subsidiary of the Swatch group which is actually the biggest Swiss watch conglomerate. 

This company puts a lot of focus on watch-making research and what developments are needed with time. So next time you are shopping, do check out this brand as it does stand out among all others in the market. 

Is Tissot A Respected Brand?

Tissot has definitely got a great history of watchmaking and how it has been popular in the sports field for many players and sports audiences. Even now you can see many players and celebs endorsing the brand. 

With amazing and skillful watchmaking experience in the market and with a rich history, Tissot is definitely a well-respected brand. You can definitely go out and look for other watch brands but with the prices offered by Tissot, it is hard to find a watch that is all about luxury, affordability, and valuable craftsmanship around the globe. 

Tissot has made it possible over the years to find luxury and affordability in one place for watch enthusiasts. 

Whether it is the affordable range or the expensive one, you get the best quality at different price points for both men and women. 

Where Does Tissot Watch Rank?

Among all the popular watch brands out there, Tissot ranks 8th position among the luxury watch brands especially. 

This does not make a difference for people looking for affordable prices. People who are passionate watch collectors are always going for Tissot since it’s a valuable purchase for anyone as well. 

Is Seiko Better Than Tissot?

Both brands are incredible at watchmaking and have their own unique strengths. If you are a big fan of Swiss watches and especially the ones that look expensive and luxurious, head over to Tissot now. 

As compared to other Swiss brands, you can definitely get a better deal for both price points and quality. 

The bottom line is that you can’t ignore the fact of how incredible these Swiss watches are. They portray class and luxury and anyone wouldn’t mind owning one. 

They can be a bit pricey too if you really want to make a purchase of a watch. You can definitely go for Rolex or any other watch brand that is going to be very expensive too. But the fact is that luxury watches don’t make that great of an asset so there’s a lot to think about when you’re buying a luxury watch. 

Go for something that is affordable and won’t make you regret your purchase since there’s no asset value to it. Tissot gives you that option, so reasonable purchase, and a quality luxury watch – it doesn’t get better than that. 

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