Van Heusen offers the world’s best-selling apparel and accessories for both men and women and adds fashion-forward power dressing to the wardrobe of today’s multi-faceted professionals.

Van Heusen also offers a refined elegance that reflects today’s style statement. With power-packed details and excellent fabrics, it focuses on self-expression and individualism.

They have successfully defined corporate attire for both men and women. Aditya Birla manufactures and markets the Van Heusen Indian brand of premium men’s clothes.

It is a clothing brand named after a Dutch immigrant, who devised a novel procedure for fusing cloth on a curve in 1910.

Van Heusen is a luxury lifestyle brand that sells workwear, casuals, party clothing, athleisure, and accessories in over 55 countries, with a focus on India, Chile, and Peru.

The parent corporation of Van Heusen is PVH corp.

Is Van Heusen a Good Brand?

Van Heusen offers classic, elegant, and high-quality products for a lower price, allowing you to dress stylishly without breaking the bank. Their outfits are of excellent quality and will give you a professional appearance once you wear them.

Their shirts, for instance, are available in a variety of designer fabrics, including oxford, button-down, and pure white.

It is a brand to acquire if you want a wardrobe full of fashionable clothes and accessories. In terms of menswear, they produce some of the most stylish men’s clothes available today.

They have been producing high-quality men’s dress shirts for over a century, and their expertise is evident in the way their shirts fit a variety of body types.

They distinguish themselves from other providers by offering a unique combination of comfort and style to their consumers. They are one of your greatest selections if you’re looking for clothes for a particular occasion or just want to look good.

Van Heusen has you prepared for all types of formal occasions, from the classic collars and button-down design to the wrinkle-free fabric.

It offers a comprehensive and diverse choice of classic styles, as well as excellent value for money and great quality at a reasonable price.

Is Van Heusen an Indian Brand?

Van Heusen is not an Indian brand. It is actually owned by the parent company PVH Corp and is marketed in India. 

Van Heusen is India’s most popular high-end lifestyle brand for men, women, and teenagers. The brand, which has a 128-year history, first entered India in 1990.

It holds the distinction of being the first to introduce not only the brand but also the ready-to-wear category to India.

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited own and market Van Heusen India, the brand’s Indian division. Van Heusen India’s products are made in India.

What Brand Is Van Heusen?

The Van Heusen brand was first introduced in India in 1990. Van Heusen was originally positioned as a luxury and contemporary men’s apparel brand aimed toward young office employees, or as corporate fashion.

Because no other luxury brand fulfilled the needs of young office workers at the time, Van Heusen became quite popular and received quite a lot of love from the start.

Despite the fact that Van Heusen India was aimed at men aged 25 to 45, the number of people under the age of 25 was fast expanding in India. According to one estimate, almost half of India’s population was under the age of 25. Hence, the brand became quite popular.

With over 300 independent stores, the Van Heusen brand is now worth over a billion dollars in retail sales and is available in over 70 countries on five continents.

In addition, Van Heusen shirts and other formal clothing materials were designed to fulfill the needs of office-going people.

In the Indian market, Van Heusen has always had a unique position. In 2006, Van Heusen India announced the creation of VDot, a new sub-brand aimed at guys under the age of 25.

VDot is actually a clubwear line that could also be worn for other informal situations such as going to the movies, family gatherings, and picnics. VDot is mostly a denim line with fashionable designs.

Is Van Heusen a Fast Fashion Brand?

For over more than two decades, Van Heusen has had a portfolio of leading brands such as Louis Philippe, Peter England, etc.

Manufacturer and distributor, Aditiya Birla, offers a wide range of apparel and accessories for men, women, and teenagers in India.

Van Heusen is considered one of India’s most well-known fast fashion brands.  The Company also has exclusive online and offline. 

Moreover, Van Heusen adds fashion-forward power dressing to the wardrobe of today’s multi-faceted professionals.

All in all, Van Heusen is a jewel of fashion and lifestyle. Their high-quality apparel, including jackets, shirts, athleisure, t-shirts, blazers, dresses, jeggings, and jeans are to die for.

So, if you are looking for a brand with a long history of producing fashionable, trendy, and high-quality clothes for men, women, and teens, Van Heusen is the one.


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