Almost a 140-year-old brand that is widely popular among skiers, sailors, and the workwear crowd, you can go wrong once you start shopping here at Helly Hansen. 

Helly Hansen for more than 140 years now has been making professional gear to make it possible for the people to stay safe and feel alive. It all started back in 1877 when the sailor Helly Juell Hansen decided to come up with a much more effective way to stay safe in a Norwegian environment. 

The brand ever since its origin has been on a successful journey as it specifically specializes in outdoor functional outerwear. 

The owner here wanted to make clothes that were waterproof since a lot of the locals were in the sailing business. The waterproof clothes here have linseed oil applied to the cotton canvases resulting in making the fabric soft and pliable and also waterproof for the workers. 

People who have occupations at places like mountains, oceans, and construction sites love to shop at Helly Hansen. 

Is Helly Hansen A Luxury Wear Brand?

For people who are into skiing very much and are regulars at a construction site, the brand does tend to get a bit pricey for them.

Even if the brand is fully aware of this fact, the quality of the fabric and how it performs and helps people out kind of makes up for the high prices. 

If you want to shop for coats here, they tend to range from 150 to 350 dollars. This gives you quality, durability, and long-term value.

The prices can be discouraging for those that want to keep their monthly budget intact. But clothes like these are like a one-time investment, once you buy them you won’t be shopping for them again for a long time unless you are an enthusiastic person about coats and jackets. 

The high prices are totally worth the effort and craftsmanship you see the designers put into these clothes. These clothes, especially the jackets and coats, have durability, quality materials, and the best of all performance to make up for your budget grief. 

Who Wears Helly Hansen?

Well, most people who are into hikes and sailing can be seen buying these kinds of clothes. The rough weather conditions in some hilly and oceanic environments require people to be safe and have some practical measures when it comes to selecting apparel for the day. 

Helly Hansen luckily is just the right kind of brand that gets this settled for you. More than 55,000 ski professionals actually prefer shopping at this brand as it has the perfect gear for skiing. More than 200 ski resorts around the world have a Helly Hansen collection of various gears. 

The brand is also known for participating in some of the most renowned sailing and regattas organizations worldwide. The brand’s sailing gear is actually worn by some world-class sailors across the five oceans we have. 

This is a Scandinavian gear brand, so the moment you enter the outlet you can tell that the safety, protection, and performance of these clothes are given huge focus during the manufacturing process till the very end. 

The brand is also very flexible when it comes to taking in suggestions from its customers. Helly Hansen believes that people working in extreme environments definitely can tell you what goes well when it comes to clothing and protective gear. So if you are one of the brand’s consumers, feel free to get in touch with the designers here. 

What Is Helly Hansen Famous For?

Among all the other practical reasons that you should start shopping here, the brand is very famous for its type of clothing. The sportswear collection has this water-resistant coating that really serves a good purpose. This enables keeping the user of the clothes dry and keeps the water out. 

The best part is that the fabric used is extremely comfortable and breathable so there are zero chances of you feeling suffocated. The breathable fabric of these jackets keeps you dry and warm without you feeling overheated with time. 

The coats here are also a winner since the outer coating is windproof so you can enjoy your hike and get past the cold windy weather without any wind disturbing you at all. 

The coats and the jackets are also very lightweight so you don’t have to feel that it is going to be a tough time hiking while carrying the weight of the jackets too. 

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