Louis Quatorze is a luxury lifestyle brand that was founded by Paul Barrate in 1980. This brand tries to interpret the ancient styles into modern-day trends. 

This luxury brand offers its customers a unique trademark of luxury that is derived from the exceptional artistry and outstanding quality of the products.

Louis Quatorze has introduced a perfect harmony of tradition and everlasting art. The combination of modernity and elegance of the bag designs gives you the true depiction of French nobility. 

The design along with the exceptional material used in the bags transcends generations and seasons. With some signature, classical, and contemporary collections at disposal, Louis Quatorze gives you a wide range of formal elegant designs and casual wear to choose from. 

The luxury brand has more than 140 department stores, online specialty stores, and a shopping mall presence across the United Arab Emirates, France, China, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Korea. 

Is Louis Quatorze A Luxury Brand?

The brand started working closely with the Paris head office until the full merger agreement happened in the year 2006. Initially, the brand kept a low profile and after the merger, the brand established itself and exhibited its potential as a luxury brand. 

The brand uses premium materials, impeccable designs, and sensibility that are paired with unique Korean craftsmanship. 

Louis Quatorze is definitely a luxury brand that deals with the best inspiring artisans and quality materials in every bag you see here. The process of making each product is strictly monitored. 

The bags here are mainly designed in Paris and are made and given finishing touches by skilled Korean craftsmen in Korea. 

Italian and French leather is used for the premium look and wooden patterns are used to get rid of any deformations in the leather to get a presentable outcome. 

Then comes the sewing stage where the artisans work with great focus and alert hands. This great deal of focus delivers zero imperfect stitches and gives you a flawless bag to carry. 

Wide Range Collection

The bag collection has a wide variety of articles that come in various designs, colors, and styles. You get wallets, handbags, crossbody bags, clutches, briefcases, totes, and much more that can complete your bag collection. 

L & Q is the symbol that you can find on each bag – a symbol that encompasses the contemporary sophisticated look and nobility. Every article you see here represents the philosophy, class, and elegance of the material and final product. 

The brand caters to class and sophistication in every product and also the way they look into consumer demand. It is most certainly an expensive brand if you are planning on shopping here. 

Everyone has one designer or expensive brand bag in their collection. For some, having something that expensive is even a prized possession. 

So if you are going to splurge, then might as well go for something classy and of amazing quality. If you are one of those bag enthusiasts, then you would definitely pay Louis Quatorze a visit again. 

And think of it as an investment too. It’s like getting a Birkin bag and adding it to your assets. Only with Louis Quatorze, you can actually use the bag because it is not that expensive like a Birkin. 

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