So when you look for a watch you think of things like it should be luxurious, need to be of good quality that could last for years, and won’t be bad if it’s even affordable. And speaking of watch shopping, you might be familiar with the name every watch fanatic would know “Gevril Watches”. 

Gevril is not new in the game at all as it has been 250 years in the business and has definitely been a part of every person’s watch collection. The brand features an iconic and classic look in its entire collection. 

With the combination of contemporary technology, Gevril Watches are for people who are really into old-fashioned watches and chronographs. You can find a wide range of watches here and the brand also has a sub-brand called GV2 watches. 

The Swiss clockmaker Jacques Gevril decided to start a brand called Gevril Watches back in 1758. The watchmaker was appointed as the king’s watchmaker through which he gained popularity and recognition among the elite of the society. This public acknowledgment and recognition led the brand to become the success it is even now like it was back in the time. 

Is Gevril A Luxury Brand?

To answer the question, yes the brand is a classic luxury that you simply can’t go wrong with. The watches manufactured here simply just do not fall in the category of merely expensive or plain luxury timepieces. 

There is a rich history that has made this brand a valuable luxury that comes with an elegant style and signature manufacturing process. The valuable watches here are a great addition to anyone who can afford them, especially the pocket watch which is an all-time winner for people. 

The value of the pocket watch can be determined by the fact that one pocket watch piece from the brand is actually kept in the Museum Geneve. This watch piece is owned by the famous Wilsdorf family who is also the founder of the luxury watch brand, Rolex. 

What Is The Difference between Gevril & GV2?

There is actually not much of a difference between both brands. For starters, GV2 is a sub-brand of Gevril Watches and the owners here try to make this sub-brand more accessible to people. The watches that you will find here are a bit more affordable than the expensive range. 

You can easily find affordable mechanical watches here without really going out of budget. The brand also has a limited-edition collection of which the brand doesn’t give the exact number, again a common marketing gimmick. 

Where Are Gevril Watches Made?

Gevril Watches are made in Switzerland and the brand actually assembles almost 6000 watches every year. The Swiss-made mechanical watches have premium materials in them like 18 KT gold and other jewels. 

The stainless steel watches are of premium quality and can be worn for a long time. You can actually pass it on as these watches do have the potential to stay for a generation time period. 

The rich history of the brand definitely makes it an experience to shop. It is not every day that you can just walk into the stores of this brand to get the desired watch. The brand has limited edition luxury watches so might want to hurry up if you want to buy a new watch. 

The exclusivity of these watches makes them a phenomenon to be reckoned with and the rich and people of certain stature definitely love this factor. 

In recent times, the best of this brand is how it is becoming more accessible to everyone. The GV2 brand has definitely made it possible for people to own luxury at an affordable price point. The majority of the collection you see here has this futuristic and very techy look to it making it popular among people of different age groups. 

If you are looking to buy a GV2 watch all you have to do is go to an online store or your nearest outlet and browse through the collection. The brand is focusing on more modern designs for the entire collection that would attract more and more customers. 

If you are looking for something dated and something that really gives you a taste of history, you can check out the 1758 pocket watch collection that is still being sold. Although the prices of this dated watch collection are not that affordable, when you are a fan – nothing really stops you. 

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