Clothing brands led by celebrities are somewhat of a sensation that everyone religiously follows if they are a fan. We can take the example of all-time famous rapper Kanye West, with his brand Yeezy. 

Yeezy is a signature footwear brand and almost everyone wants it even if they are second-handed. This kind of business move for a celebrity can be a make-or-break situation that it either takes off or it all goes downhill. 

Another famous fashion brand is known as Odd Future that is founded by the hip hop collective and the famous rapper Tyler. The brand was founded in 2006 as Odd Future which is also a music record label.

This hip-hop label was very famous back in the day and the clothing here is inspired by the type of label it is. You would find shirts, hoodies, pants, and all kinds of comfortable clothing that are sold online via the collectives’ online store. 

The colors here are vibrant and give you the perfect hip-hop vibe that you can expect from this kind of brand. If you are into animated t-shirts then this is the perfect spot for you to explore. 

The main reason why this brand is so expensive is that the rapper founded it in the first place. This question is almost equivalent to asking why Yeezy or Fenti is expensive and bougie because of the celebrity names attached to the brands. 

There are many illustration designs that you can find here like the drippy donut shirt and this was something that truly tells you a lot about the rapper’s preferences to be exact. And there is this famous Empire Dolphin shirt which is named after one of the members of Odd Future, Jasper Dolphin. 

Odd Future has been doing some interesting concepts and collaborations over the years. This one collaboration by this brand that really stood out was Hello Kitty and Odd Future. The designers here wanted to create their own line of characters with Hello Kitty. 

But this very collaboration didn’t really go through since due to the cultural image of this brand and the cutesy image of Hello Kitty. This brand has had its ups and downs which is not a big surprise since every brand does. 

People on the internet are a bit divided on how they feel about the brand. It is like questioning any luxury brand there is and deciding whether you want to get it or not. 

The first thing is first it totally depends on whether you got the money or not. You can get the same graphic tees and comfortable joggers somewhere affordable as well where you would also get reasonable quality. 

Paying almost 500 bucks does not make sense to people who can easily buy 10 good quality shirts elsewhere. Unless you are a fan, it is hard to believe that anyone would buy these shirts. 

People do appreciate the aesthetic of this brand but more than half of the reviews on the internet are not in favor of getting these extra expensive shirts and other accessories. 

Does Tyler The Creator Have A Clothing Line?

Yes, this American rapper has a clothing line called Odd Future which was established in 2006. 

Tyler The Creator is also the founder of the brand Golf Wang Merch which is heavily inspired by the statement style of the rapper. 

What Is Tyler The Creator’s Fashion Aesthetic Like?

For the fashion brands owned by the artist, it is all in the colors. The colorful palette of the clothes is something that first catches your eye. 

The aesthetic also kind of inclines toward nightmares and the absurd concepts of life. You can see both of these in his music and clothes. 

If you are a big fan and really admire an artist turned into a designer’s work, then this place would definitely be a source of inspiration for you. The artist has a deep influence and place in how the designs are meant to be and how to match the vibe of what truly represents his essence as an artist. 

Bottom line is that there is no denying that this brand is expensive. But plus points are that the quality is amazing and the concepts of designs are unlike anything. 

You always have the option of going elsewhere to shop but if you feel like it, you can visit the brand’s website and roll with it just the way you like! 

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