Nike has been ruling over the sports industry for a long time.

The brand also releases unique and exclusive shoes that people eagerly wait for.

For instance, Nike’s Air Max 270 sneakers have been a hot commodity since their release. The unique look and comfortable feel have won over many wearers.

But does its Air Max 270 fit true to size? Or does it run small?

This guide will look at what sizes are available for Nike Air Max 270 and how they fit. So, keep reading if you want to buy the perfect size Nike Air Max 270.

Are Nike Air Max 270 React True To Size?

The Nike Air Max 270 react was released in early 2018 and quickly became a fan favorite. Their unique design features a large air bubble at the heel, making them highly comfortable and popular.

In addition, their fit is another thing that makes them stand out. Unlike shoes that are either too tight or too loose, the Air Max 270 React hits the perfect sweet spot.

Overall, they’re not too constricting. However, they also don’t feel like they’re going to fall off your feet.

In terms of sizing, they’re pretty true to size. Nonetheless, it’s best to go up rather than down if you’re between sizes.

The Nike Air Max 270 React is an extremely comfortable shoe that looks great on any foot.

Does Air Max 270 Run Big Or Small?

When it comes to sneakers, the fit is everything. If a shoe is too tight, it can be uncomfortable and even painful to wear.

On the other hand, if a shoe is too big, it can cause blisters and make it difficult to walk or run.

The question of whether or not Air Max 270 runs big or small is a common one.

In general, Air Max 270 shoes are true to size. However, in certain instances, they tend to run slightly small.

This is especially true for the brand’s men’s shoes, which are designed to provide a snug, comfortable fit. So, if you’re unsure about your size, ordering up is always best.

Additionally, Air Max 270 offers half sizes for both men and women. So, if you’re between sizes, you can easily choose a shoe that will provide a more custom fit.

Ultimately, the best way to get the best fit Air Max 270 is to try it on. Moreover, you can also order a pair in your desired size and see how they feel.

Are Air Max 270s Comfortable?

Comfort and Nike Air Max are synonymous. Air Max 270s are Nike’s first lifestyle Air shoe, inspired by the iconic Air Max 180.

The brand designed them with the idea of all-day wear in mind. They feature a large Max Air unit in the heel for maximum comfort and a sleek, minimalist design.

The Nike Air Max 270s have excellent arch support. Moreover, their highly lightweight design makes them ideal for everyday wear.

The 270s also have a breathable mesh upper that helps to keep your feet cool and dry, even during strenuous activity.

Whether running errands or working out at the gym, Nike Air Max 270s provides all-day comfort.

Is the Nike Air Max 270 React Waterproof?

Nike’s Air Max 270 React shoes are designed for comfort and style. But what about waterproofing?

Essentially, Nike does not explicitly advertise the shoes as being waterproof. Still, they feature some water-resistant properties that may come in handy in certain situations.

The shoes have a water-repellent coating on the upper side. This helps keep your feet dry. Moreover, the foam sole is also resistant to water damage.

So, the Nike Air Max 270 React is not technically waterproof but water-resistant. This means that it will provide some protection against light rain and splashes. However, it’s not suitable for heavy weather conditions.

Is Nike Air Max 270 Good Quality?

Nike is a giant when it comes to sneakers. Specifically, their shoes are popular among sneakerheads and regular users alike.

The Nike Air Max 270 is one of their newer releases. So far, it has been received well by the masses.

By and large, the shoe is designed for both casual and athletic wear. In addition, it looks great with a variety of different outfits.

The quality of the Nike Air Max 270 is good. The shoe is made with high-quality materials. Also, it features a large Air unit for maximum comfort.

However, there are some areas where the brand could improve the shoe’s quality. For example, the Air Max unit could be larger, and the outsole could be more durable.

Nonetheless, the Nike Air Max 270 is a comfortable shoe with good style and a decent price tag.

How Much Does Nike Air Max 270 Cost?

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Nike Air Max 270 is its price point. At just $150 on average, the 270 is one of the market’s most affordable Air Max sneakers.

Typically, you will find these 270s at a price ranging from $120 to $180. The prices mainly depend on the style and color you choose. 

But despite its low cost, the 270 still offers all the features that users have come to expect from Nike. For instance, a comfortable ride and a stylish design come packed in an affordable package.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality sneaker without breaking the bank, Nike Air Max 270 is for you.

Bottom Line

Generally, Air Max 270 is the comparatively newer and better shoe released by Nike. These sneakers offer not only quality but fit true to size too.

If you are a sneaker buff and want something comfortable, exquisite, sleek, yet affordable, Nike Air Max 270 is bespoke for you.


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