Throughout the year, the climate continues to dazzle us with ever-changing conditions. Global warming has specifically accentuated these events.

Every day, we see yet another city being showered with unforgiving rain or another one getting covered with tons of snow. As the climatic conditions evolve, relevant clothing is also needed to adapt to these ruthless environments and yet keep your drip check alight.

Therefore, to relieve all your woes, we bring to you the perfect outerwear brand, Weatherproof.

About Weatherproof: Who started it?

Freddie Stollmack and Elliot Peyser were seasoned experts in apparel manufacturing. They were key members of David Peyser Sportswear which was already a 60-year-old apparel manufacturer.

Both these experts had great knowledge and expertise on their side, and they wanted to introduce something to the market that would not only be unique but also be of help to the modern populace.

The couple understood the limitations in outerwear and the changes that need to be made to make clothing better and more resistant to environmental damage.

Clothes nowadays have less quality time expectancy as compared to the ones before. This is compensation for the simplicity and comfortableness that modern manufacturing provides.

However, in the 90s, the Peysers were looking to make apparel that would not only be strong enough to protect from environmental damage but would also be strong enough to last a lifetime.

In 1994, microfibre technology finally dropped. Microfiber was a material even finer than silk. It was soft and durable and was an excellent choice for apparel and sports gear.

So finally, after carefully incorporating this new technology into its clothing, Weatherproof Garments was launched by the Peysers and the company today has an estimated revenue of 9.2 M.

Currently, the CEO is Elliot Peyser, who hails from the same family, while other family members still enjoy key positions in the company.

What does Weatherproof manufacture?

Since its inception in 1948, Weatherproof Garments have become one of the prominent names in outerwear.

The Brand focuses on producing articles designed for comfort and protection so that the buyers are completely satisfied with their purchase for a long period of time.

Their vision is that of warm, lightweight collections all around the globe so that quality can be experienced by people of all kinds.

They believe everyone can do anything if they put their hearts and minds to it, and indeed the company is stark evidence of this extraordinary perspective.

By making use of innovative styling trends and technologically advanced clothing materials, these flexible products shield against natural phenomena such as rain, wind, cold, or any other unpredictable environment throughout the year.

Weatherproof sells various kinds of high-grade Jackets to style. Their collection has a wide range of textures and colors that are not only good-looking but are versatile enough to easily adapt to wardrobes of all kinds.

Pieces are well catered to both men and women exceptionally. For men, jacket prices range from $135 to $195, while for women, the prices range from $100 to $150.

This is a very ordinary price range which makes the brand affordable and accessible to people from all walks of life.

In the Men’s Category, Micro-fibre Golf Jacket is the most sold piece, with over 433 positive reviews on the site.

It features Welt pockets with hidden snaps, sleek cotton blend lining, an inside pocket with a zipper, knit waistbands with cuffs, and a laydown collar to top it off. It is just $135, and we highly recommend you to check it out.

Then we have another men’s Camouflage softshell jacket. It is, in essence, a fleece-lined Soft Shell jacket that comes with a strong lining that makes it wind-resistant.

It is very flexible and lightweight. The top zipper pocket, inside velcro-closed pocket, stand collar, and engineered seams are some features you will get along with this piece.

In the Women’s category, the Modern quilted jacket provides a nice perspective on the brand’s take on Women’s fashion. It has both the classic and the modern chic mentality engraved in its core design ideology.

The colors selected for this particular jacket are bold and feminine and reflect the season that the jacket is being worn as it complements the pop colors of spring.

With a mixed diamond quilting, adjustable back bungee, and cool side entry pockets, this jacket can be a very comfortable company for you this spring.

Another piece that catches one’s eye is the Light Weight Anorak for $140. It is the perfect fusion of a hoodie with a frock top and is genuinely a remarkable design.

It has a drawcord sewn into the waist that lets you control the waist as per your wish and also comes with a hood and striped lining to complete that sporty look.

Where is Weatherproof Company located?

Weatherproof Garment company runs from Bayshore, New York, by the Peyser family and is still a division of David Peyser Sportwear Inc. since 1992.

The company, despite being primarily located in the U.S., sells its pieces in many countries and has a relatively strong online market presence, with Jackets being sold on sites like Full Source.

Are Weatherproof Jackets Warm?

With microfibre technology-inspired fabrics and lined with Cotton and Polyester layers, these jackets mean serious business when it comes to keeping you warm.

The best thing about these jackets is that they are lightweight and yet equally warm, unlike their rivals in the market, which are heavy and filled with layers of insulation material that still let the heat seep through.

Due to being made of washable materials, you can wear these Jackets in all extreme areas, be it hiking or getting a workout done in the cold outside.

The jackets live up to the name of Weatherproof as not just the cold but stains and other environmental impacts also have minimal effects on this.

The products are easily washable and are also slit and tear-resistant making them not only durable but also allowing them to be long lasting.


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