Finding suitable sportswear and outdoor gear companies is essential to ensure that the gear you get can withstand the test of time and rough work.

People often struggle to find a trustworthy company from which they can make all their purchases.

There are primarily only two kinds of companies when it comes to this – one selling great products but costing a fortune and the other selling good quality products at reasonable prices.

At a time when things are getting harder and harder to afford, buying from brands that won’t burn a hole through your wallet is the best option.

This article will focus on one of the brands – Trespass – and its various attributes.

What is Trespass, and What Does it Sell?

An international sportswear brand, Trespass, is known for its popularity among the outdoor communities that swear by the quality of the company’s gear.

So what exactly does Trespass sell to its consumers?

Being a part of the outdoor industry, Trespass focuses on selling products that are well-attuned to the environment. They specialize in selling skiwear, waterproof jackets, fleece, festival accessories, camping gear, and walking boots.

Naturally, the next question is how does Trespass sell its products?

The company sells its outdoor gear to the wholesale market either through its online e-commerce website, which is more feasible for the people, or through UK-based retail stores.

What makes Trespass even more desirable is that it is inclusive.

Trespass is not limited to outdoor gear for the pros. The brand has something in store for people of all levels of skill sets and all kinds of sports.

Whether you are a beginner who needs the simple stuff or a hardcore mountaineer who needs the professional gear, Trespass has the goods for everyone and everything.

Their products are designed and manufactured for hikers, travelers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Is Trespass a Scottish Company?

Yes. Trespass is a Scottish outdoor clothing company with a rich history starting in 1938.

That was the year Trespass was established in Glasgow, Scotland.

Over time, Trespass has grown from its humble beginnings and taken over the outdoor industry.

Initially, the brand focused on fulfilling the apparel needs of the local clients in Glasgow, Scotland.

They also designed and manufactured uniforms for parastatals and the Police who were looking were large merchandise.

In the 1980s, the brand went through a significant extension procedure that involved manufacturing and selling products to a targeted audience, i.e., outdoor enthusiasts.

Is Trespass a UK Brand?

Yes. Trespass is a UK brand and one of the most successful outdoor clothing retailers in the country. The company exports its products to over 60 countries.

They have around 150 stores along with a huge e-commerce site that features all of their products.

Does Trespass Make Good Boots?

Trespass aims to cater to all those people who share a passion for hiking, skiing, biking, trekking, and other similar outdoor activities.

Their goal is to help these people reach their destinations safely and surely.

While Trespass is a lot cheaper than Berghaus, and they provide excellent value for money.

The quality of the boots is phenomenal even though it is not expected of budget brands, but Trespass is breaking all kinds of stereotypes.

Trespass has a deep understanding of how the adventure market works and what the outdoor enthusiasts want.

The brand produces high-standard clothing and other equipment that people who love adventure are looking for.

They know what the adventurers want and what material, space, and facilities they are looking for.

Their targeted fields include jet-skiing, camping, traveling, hiking, camping, and other such activities.

The boots they produce are sturdy, made of good material, and can withstand the test of time, weather, and use.

You can bet that they will last a long time and you can make the best out of these shoes.

The variety of boots you find at Trespass is awe-inspiring.

Whether it is camping boots or specialized gear for hiking, you can find all kinds of apparel, accessories, and supportive clothing at Trespass.

What makes the boots at Trespass even better is that they have specific attributes that can help in outdoor activities, such as waterproof and weatherproof qualities.

You can find boots for all ages and genders, including men, women, and kids. You can also specify them according to entry-level and advanced levels.

The shoes are really comfortable, and you won’t have trouble walking in them for long periods on rough terrain.

By considering the combined excellence of their qualities, boots at Trespass are relatively cheaper than anywhere else.

The prices are affordable, and it truly lives up to being a budget brand.

What are the Other Products at Trespass?

Apart from the boots, Trespass offers various other products that an adventurer can need on one of their trips.

Their long-lasting waterproof jackets can be used for multiple purposes. It can protect you from the unpredictable weather and make your trip less unpleasant if the weather turns sour.

Trespass manufactures ski clothing as well, including stuff like snow boots, ski costumes, salopettes, etc. you can pick out different colors, and there are many sizes available.

One of the critical components of an adventurous trip is carrying a reliable backpack in which you can stuff all your items. Trespass provides you with a trusty companion to your trips so that you never have to worry about storage. You can find these backpacks in different dimensions and capacities.

The material of these products is sturdy, and you won’t have to worry about paying thousands for an excellent adventurer’s package. You can rely on Trespass to make your trip safe and complete.

All of these qualities are the reason why Trespass is primarily popular among outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

Who is the Owner of Trespass?

Outdoor clothing group Jacobs & Turner owns the UK brand Trespass. It is owned by the brothers Afzal and Kamal Khushi.

Initially, the parent company Jacobs & Turner specialized in technical workwear but eventually moved on to performance skiwear and outdoor clothing.


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