You must have noticed Seta written on a ring and several other pieces of jewelry but you have no idea what is its significance. This article has been written to provide crucial information about the meaning of Seta on a ring.

If you are thinking of buying a new ring, then you must select the product that is reliable as well as high-quality, as you invest in rings both financially and emotionally.

What does 925 Seta mean on a ring?

If you have ever gone shopping and seen a code 925 Seta written on a ring. Here is your complete guide about these codes.

925 Seta means that the ring’s metal is made up of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% other metals, inspected by Sector Education and Training Authority in South Africa.

This authority is considered governmental appointed Education and Training Quality Assurance. These carved words are only found in silver products, meaning they are made of 92.5% silver and other metals like copper, platinum, and zinc.

The main purpose of making an alloy of silver with other metals is because it needs a slight hardness from other metals to enable it to generate detailed and polished designs.

What does Seta mean on a ring?

Seta is an association that has been bringing in jewelry since 1955. Seta is one of the many impressions found on rings. Factories use such prints to assure the originality of their products and proceed with the tradition of their forefathers.

So, Seta imprinted on a ring confirms that the product belongs to this organization and has been made with sterling silver. You may also explore signatures or specific manufacturer’s marks on such jewelry.

What does ETA mean in jewelry?

ETA in cosmology symbolizes planar time, and in oceanography, it represents the measurement of sea level height usually in meters above or below the mean sea level at that same region.

If you see engraved eta on jewelry, it indicates that the jewelry is composed of sterling silver 925, harsh and matte-finished, with a neat layer of 24K gold plating. Jewelry can be produced from miscellaneous metals, entailing gold, silver, and platinum.

Each piece is inscribed to mark its metal content and the abbreviation is used to tell if the element is solid or plated.

These marks are intended to tell the public how real the gold is used in that jewelry, or if it incorporates the gold at all.


Before going to shop your new jewelry, you must be aware of the meanings of the markings imprinted on jewelry.

By understanding what Seta means on a ring and knowing how to distinguish between original Sterling silver and unreal ones, you will save your precious time and money.

You won’t be bamboozled while buying jewelry after going through this article, as you know the difference between Sterling silver and silver-plated rings.

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