The world-famous Italian designer has literally made a fortune by selling women’s fashion not just in Italy but all over the world.

The designs produced by the Roberto Cavalli brand are high-end, flamboyant, highly decorative, and have intricate details and patterns. 

Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence, Tuscany, and was always driven by intricate designs of different kinds of fabrics and textures. The designer patented and invented a revolutionary leather printing procedure that changed the fashion game for good. 

This designer debuted this very technique in Paris and was getting recognition from famous and luxurious brands like Hermes.

This brand is one of the most popular and famous fashion brands in the world due to its exotic prints, glamorous clothing, and eye-catching details. 

Cavalli uses high-quality materials with special techniques and tailoring that definitely made this one, one of the best brands in the fashion history.

Extravagant, authentic, and the most beautiful clothing here highlights the unique patterns and color effects that are combined with leather, silk, and some other fine materials. 

Other than the exotic patterns and prints, one of the reasons why this brand is popular is due to the sand-blasted jeans look that has been the best seller here for a long time now.

Not only do you find luxury clothing but also some unique leather accessories and also some enchanting perfumes as well. 

The first fashion collection by the designer was launched in a Salon located in Paris. The collection was a major success and that made the opening of the first-ever Roberto Cavalli boutique in 1972 in Saint Tropez. 

With time and as the brand became successful, the designer opened three more boutiques in French Caribbean, Venice, and Saint Barth. The sand-blasted jeans debuted in 1994 and were a trademark of this brand. 

The designer also started a line of his brand called Just Cavalli which also had a major success among the brand lovers and also fashion enthusiasts. 

Roberto Cavalli definitely has one of the most popular clothing lines but what really makes this brand what it is are the shoe collections. It is without a doubt one of the most extravagant and popular items by the brand that is known for its unusual prints and designs. 

These shoes come in different styles, shapes, forms, and colors that really do justice to the brand’s image. You can find something unique like metallic sneakers to some zebra mesh sandals that would look perfect with your beautiful outfits. 

With some monogram details, once you put on these shoes you can immediately recognize Cavalli shoes in the crowd. With the glamorous style and looks paired with the elegant brand logo it really comes together for your special occasions. 

Is Roberto Cavalli A Luxury Brand?

Roberto Cavalli is definitely one of the most known names in the fashion industry and it is definitely for a reason. But the brand is expensive and is all due to the high-end quality and stitching of the clothing and accessories that you see in the collections. 

This Italian fashion house caters to luxury clothing, leather accessories, and also perfumes for both men and women. 

How Much Is Roberto Cavalli’s Worth?

Roberto Cavalli is a famous Italian fashion designer whose net worth in the year 2022 is 500 million dollars. A lot of the earnings of the designer come from the luxury brand he owns since it is quite expensive. 

Why Did Roberto Cavalli Fail?

In 2019, the brand Roberto Cavalli filed for bankruptcy since the sales went drastically down in the US branch. Later on, the US stores were closed to lessen any further damage. 

Is Roberto Cavalli The Same As Just Cavalli?

The mainline is the Roberto Cavalli brand which is popular and sold in more than 50 countries all over the world. Just Cavalli is another line of this brand launched in 2002 for men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. 

What Does Cavalli Mean?

As a name, Cavalli means “Horses” and it is an Italian name. Roberto Cavalli is an Italian designer who founded the brand we all know today as Roberto Cavalli. 

Roberto Cavalli is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry since the quality and craftsmanship is immaculate. It is expensive but definitely justifies every penny spent on a dress, pair of shoes, and some exquisite collection of accessories. 

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