If you want to go for a wardrobe upgrade and start with something new and exotic the Just Cavalli is the best option you can go for.

Just Cavalli is an Italian fashion house that is popular all over the world for its clothes for men and women along with some unique accessories.

With some really exotic designs and prints along with attention to every detail, this brand is from Florence Italy. The invention of Roberto Cavalli, this brand manufactures clothing made out of high-quality materials.

The clothes here have a unique tailoring style that has made this Italian brand a success in the fashion industry for the coming age.  Extremely extravagant, beautiful, and also an authentic experience, the brand is composed of a lot of colors all over. 

The unique patterns and color effects are usually paired here with leather, silk, and some other fine materials used in the clothing line and the accessories as well. Other than the signature exotic prints and colors the brand also became famous for its jeans. 

The sand blasted jeans here are one of the most popular in the collection with a high selling rate. This high brand sells everything that you can think of as luxury-like for example leather products and some fine enchanting perfumes. 

In 1972 the founder of the brand opened his first boutique in Saint Tropez. With more success and recognition the designer opened three more branches of it in Saint Barth, Venice, and the French Caribbean. 

The signature sand blasted jeans started in 1994 and this was a statement that everyone fell in love with. And then after much recognition came the brand in 1988 we all know as Just Cavalli. 

With every collection that came out the brand gradually became a success and is still loved by many people who are into quality and unique clothing.

In 2002 stores were opened by the designer in Florence and also Milan which are fashion hubs of the industry. 

These cafés became immensely popular among the locals due to the unique artwork and tasty dishes that tourists loved to have upon every visit.

Other than these cafés, there are many stores of the brand all over the world from where you can shop for your favorite clothes and accessories. 

Is Just Cavalli A Luxury Brand?

Well, it is Italian and given the presence of this brand in major fashion hub cities of the world, you know it is going to be fancy. 

The dresses and other casual looks are not for everyone to afford. It is one of those luxury brands for which you might want to save up if you are really into it.

Is Just Cavalli High End?

Most definitely the quality and the style of the brand speak volumes when it comes to the high-end question. The most stand product of all the collection has got to be the footwear collection here. 

It is one of the most extravagant and extremely popular items in the store. With the unusual patterns and designs of the shoes, the shapes, colors, and forms of these are a unique representation of the Cavalli brand. 

From paneled metallic sneakers, snakeskin design and effect, mesh sandals, loafers, and boots with amazing monogram details on them, you have everything unique lined up in the brand’s stores. 

You can easily spot these shoes in the public since they really stand out and all for good quality and style reasons. The glamorous and dynamic look of these shoes goes really well with the Cavalli logo. 

It is just not about the style that would eventually make you think that it is going to be uncomfortable, to buy these shoes. These shoes range from casual to luxury wear, so comfort, quality, and style go hand in hand. 

Is Just Cavalli The Same As Roberto Cavalli?

Roberto Cavalli being the original line of luxury items that you see, Just Cavalli is an extension of this brand. This brand that we see now is known for its Cavalli signature style and also blending in the modern trends. 

I’d you want to go shopping next time or just want to revamp your entire wardrobe, Just Cavalli is a good luxury option to go for. It has got everything that a person who loves fashion would ever desire. 

The prices are definitely high but so is the quality that has everyone falling in love with the brand as it progresses with each year. 

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