How amazing and cool were the times in the 90s when the Italian denim brand Diesel was the “It” brand. Now, this was the time when there were no Influencers or social media influence on the society and Diesel became a popular apparel brand. 

Renzo Rosso is an Italian designer who founded the brand back in 1978. The reason why the brand was so popular in the 90s is said to be the provocative advertising and also cutting-edge retail stores.

Every rebellious and discerning kid that used to go clubbing wore this brand in the 90s. And by 1998 the brand was called irreverent, unpredictable, and rebellious by the Wall Street Journal. 

During the brand’s peak time, the outlets from Berlin to Chicago were known to be ultimate style spaces. These spaces had an American cool vibe and European chicness that was considered high street and also high fashion. 

This designer brand was even more expensive back then like a normal pair of jeans would cost 120 dollars. These were considered a style statement for every young and lively person. 

Diesel also expanded its collection to men’s and women’s casual wear clothing which also became popular with time. 

You can also find kids’ clothes in the collection. The brand also has a shoes and accessories collection from which you can complete your look. 

Is Diesel A Luxury Brand?

Well in the world of denim, Diesel is known to be a premium quality brand to everyone ever since it was founded. The average price of Diesel denim can range from 150 to 250 dollars. If you start considering other factors of the making, this kind of average jeans would be the least expensive among the designer jeans collection. 

Quality products are always in demand and the same goes for this brand. Ever since the COVID-19 breakout, the prices here have been nothing less than 200 dollars for a pair of jeans starting. 

Why Is Diesel Denim So Expensive?

While you might see other brands making their jeans and denim clothes from cheap materials, Diesel does not roll that way. Diesel uses high-quality materials like heavy cotton and denim fabric for their pieces of denim. 

The brand also uses other materials like elastane and spandex that give your denim a nice shape to hold. This also enables the denim to not overstretch while it maintains the elasticity, comfort, and durability of the jeans. 

With all these extra materials used to increase quality, the production cost definitely will be high, hence the prices of every denim article you see are way too much. 

Using cotton in the making of jeans gives it the best kind of softness. This material is not used by most brands and that’s why Diesel stands out.

If you are into a lot of denim jeans, you’ll notice that diesel designs on its jeans are quite popular and one of the top styles in the market. 

There is a popular design of denim that you might know about called Gruppe. This is a top-rated design of slim jeans that is entirely made of cotton and for the stretch, elastane is added to it. 

This Diesel denim has a trademark feature containing five pockets to it. It has two zippers on the ankle side. With a star-washed print on the jeans, you get a relaxed and classic look. 

The craftsmanship of the denim here is also on point. There are rumors that claim that the final stitching on the denim is done by a hand. Like all the finish seams and the fine double linings are done by professionals only at Diesel.

Another reason why Diesel is still a popular brand is because of the perfect fit it offers everyone. The jeans here are designed to fit every body type. You can, of course, find your favorite jeans in any size but most importantly it should be about how the jeans fit your curves. 

A sloppy fit can really undermine your body features. So might want to invest in something that fits perfectly and enhances your personality. 

Diesel is definitely an expensive brand when it comes to plain jeans. But when you think about all the horrible pairs of jeans out there you do give buying from Diesel a second thought. 

Quality always comes with a relatively high price. Denim is something that is meant to last for years. And Diesel here definitely gives you those features with style in every jeans and casual wear you buy from here. 

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