Many of us have seen little numbers or letters carved inside a ring band or near the buckle of jewelry we own. The stamp you see on a ring such as SK could be the brand name of the maker or the brand name of the store that sold it to you.

If the item is stamped SK then it points towards a brand name. This is a legal requirement that acts as an assurance that the distributor stands by the authenticity of the stamp on the jewelry.

What does SK 925 mean? 

SK refers to Scott Kay. It is a brand known for designing bridal jewelry. It is mostly famous for its perfectly embellished bridal rings. The company emerged in 1984 and got successful in gaining the trust of the buyers as their wedding jewelers’ choice. 

Now, it is one of the top names in platinum bridal jewelers in America. Platinum’s rise and comeback in the United States is the reason behind its success. 

Scott Kay has been awarded the honorable Platinum Innovation Award by Platinum Guild International for its expertise in creating quality plus luxury platinum jewelry. 

The 925 symbol indicates sterling silver. This metal comprises 92.5 percent silver purity. The residue contains copper and other components. Silver is a light metal in its pure form, thus it requires the addition of another metal to make it robust.

Scott Kay has a wide range of SK 925 jewelry. This includes earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. The marking 925 implies high-quality silver.

What does SK 9 mean on a ring?

SK 9 means that the ring size is 9 of Scott Kay jewelers. SK 9 can also denote as a trademark by Allure Gems. They manufacture gems. SK 9 can be a code for vital metals and their combinations. It may also refer to coated or plated metal. 

What does 10K SK mean on a ring?

The term 10K SK stamped on a ring denotes jewelry made of 10 karats yellow or white gold by Scott Kay Jewelers.  One of the most commonly utilized metals is 10k.

10 karat gold comprises at least 41.7 percent gold while the remainder is made up of metals including silver and zinc. 

The content of the alloyed metal is larger than pure gold. It has ten gold components out of a total of twenty-four.

This gold type is quite durable. 10k gold is frequently used in rings, plain kind chains, and as well as other objects that are not included in luxurious jewelry accessories mostly due to its longevity in terms of quality and simplicity. 


SK is the ideal destination for anyone looking for exquisitely made jewelry at a reasonable price. The intricate touches of SK jewelry can give anyone a feeling of royalty effortlessly. 

You won’t find a better place than Scott Kay jewelers if you are the one who values the beauty of the jewels over the purity. Markings other than SK on their rings inform you about the material composition and ring size.

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