What Is Avon Jewelry Made Of?

Avon was founded by D.H McConnel in 1886. The Avon line was later added to the company in 1920. They sold giftware lingerie makeup and jewelry.

Today Avon Deals in a diverse range of products.

The value of the vintage AVON jewelry which should be marked “AVON” depends upon the designer it is associated with. If the designer is someone who worked with the company in the late 20th century then that means that the piece of jewelry is highly valuable.

What Does NR Stand For on Avon Jewelry?

There is mostly some sort of initials present on jewelry containing some meaning. The initials on some of Avon’s jewelry are NR, BW, SP, SH, and WN.

However, these initials are not related to any designer as mentioned by the company website, instead, these initials are an internal company code that helps identify the vendor who manufactured the jewelry.

Similarly, the oval-shaped tag saying NR on Avon jewelry is for a product line.

What Is Avon Jewelry Made Of?

The early material from which Avon jewelry was made included high-quality plastic such as lucite, thermoset, and resin along with other materials such as gold metal and glass stone.

Avon is a brand that deals in the finest quality of jewelry made from sparkling CZ diamonds, sterling silver, and gold that is durable and will last a lifetime.

The Avon rings are known for their attention to detail having wrought in 90% pure gold, making them the perfect choice for the occasion of engagement.

According to the website, the stones for jewelry are sourced from Africa and cut in India after which they go through a series of processes to ensure the integrity and quality of the product and that the stones are sourced through a proper channel.

The company has to also make sure that the material is conflict-free and compliant with all United Nations resolutions.

How to Tell If a Diamond Is Real?

One of the easiest and best-known techniques is to do the breath test. All you need to do is breathe hot air on the stone and observe whether there is any fog gathering up or not. A real diamond does not retain heat, consequently, it will not have any fog, but a fake stone will have fog around it.


To wrap things conclusively Avon is a one-stop shopping experience for all your vanity concerns. They deal in jewelry that is made from sparkling CZ diamonds, Sterling silver, and gold.

The quality of jewelry makes it durable and easy to wear for a long time, making it a great choice for presents. Also, the NR sign on the Avon jewelry pieces is an internal company code that helps in identifying the vendor who manufactured the jewelry.

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