Jewelers use various metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum to make jewelry, and stamps are carved to indicate the metal content whether the piece is plated or solid. Sometimes, you also see several abbreviations that appear unfamiliar to you at first glance.

In this article, we have discussed the notion of RJ when stamped on a ring accompanied by numerals, such as RJ 10, RJ 8, RJ 5, and RJ 11. The stamps or letters refer to professional jewelry associations, institutions, or appraisal accreditation. 

According to the list of Standard Jewelry Abbreviations with meanings, RJ refers to Registered Jeweler. A ring with the initials RJ or ARJ represents the name of a manufacturing company that produces the ring. 

The stamp RJ or Registered Jeweler on a ring also appears as a signature that jewelers seek to certify whether a ring is fake or real.

What does RJ 10 stand for on a ring?

Any stamp on the ring represents the metal content or the jeweler’s mark. The stamp RJ 10 refers to the initials of a manufacturing company named RJ Graziano, who crafted each piece with perfection using stones to elevate your style and status best suited for making occasional jewelry or everyday wear.

10 possibly illustrates the size 10 of the ring or the year 2010. The stamps may depict additional information about the ring, such as RJ 10 with 925 may denote the silver content in a ring i.e., 925 parts per 1000 are silver.

What does RJ 8 mean on a ring?

RJ refers to the mark of RJ Graziano – commonly known as an ultimate trendsetter in jewelry collection. Some people believe the number 8 may be the size of the ring. 

In case the size of the ring does not match the number 8, then it may indicate the year of manufacturing i.e., 2008.

What does RJ 5 mean on a ring?

The jeweler may carve RJ 5 on a ring. The number 5 denotes the size of the ring, while RJ indicates a collaboration between a large perfume and Jewelry Company and a well-known designer. R.J.

What does RJ 11 mean on a ring?

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Several rings are available on an online shopping platform Etsy with stamps R&J with different digits. Such as Blue Topaz, Handmade Ring, 925 sterling beautiful ring stamped R&J#1.1 with a worth of AUS $51.70.

The ring descriptions represent the jeweler’s name, metal content, and the code – RJ # 1.1 that is available in UK/US sizes.


RJ on a ring means registered jeweler; sometimes, jewelry manufacturing companies seek it as a signature to affirm whether the piece is real or fake.

The stamp RJ with different numbers on a ring, such as RJ 10, 8, 5, or 11 denotes RJ Graziano- a well-known jewelry maker, and the numbers represent the sizes of the ring.

Sometimes the sizes may not match the number, so they stand for the year the rings were made in.

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