What Does Han 925 China Mean on Jewelry?

Have you ever noticed that your necklace or bracelet has 925 China written on it?

Grab a seat! It means that your gold purchase is actually not gold. Sterling silver jewelry is typically marked with this symbol. What does that mean? It means that the jewelry has 92.5% sterling silver material, and it is just gold plated. Y

ou might be thinking if the rest of 7.5% is gold; it is the composition of other metal elements such as copper.

It is stamped with 925 or 925 China to inform buyers that is silver, suggesting that the inner material is silver material. However, if it looks like gold from the outside because it is plated with gold, it is also known as gold vermeil.

However, if you are buying sterling silver then these symbols will help you understand which type of steel you should buy.

Some people are looking for pure steel then they go for 99% silver material. If you are looking for a lower option then they are available too.

Understanding the meaning of various acronyms is crucial when purchasing sterling silver jewelry online or physical store since it may make the difference between a smooth transaction and one that is extremely irritating.

Is 925 China Worth Anything?

It is worth something because it consists of sterling silver. Sterling silver is far more appropriate for use in ornaments and other works. However, it will be worth significant if it is a heavy bracelet.

Fine jewelry made of 925 sterling silver is of the highest caliber and is built to last. Although water normally does not harm sterling silver, depending on the kind of water and the chemicals present, it may oxidize or darken more quickly. Chemicals may have an impact on the color and degree of silver oxidation.

Currently, the price of sterling silver in the market for each ounce is $21.14 in the international market. Prices of silver are sustaining in the range of $20 to $25 after peaking at a price of $30 in 2021.

What Does China Mean on Jewelry?

It means that the jewelry is made in China. It is usually accompanied by other marks such as “925”. By no means, does it indicate that it is fake jewelry.

Instead, it tells the composition of metals and the country in which it is manufactured. Surprisingly, people think that China jewelry is fake, but high-end jewelry retailers from the US get their products manufactured in China.

However, the fact stands that the advertising is deceptive and that 925 China is gold-plated sterling silver. Recognizing that the type of metal used would help you to justify the price and ensure that you are not losing your money in any way.


Having a solid knowledge of jewelry-related acronyms is super important so that you are well aware of what you are purchasing and less likely to make a poor decision. We are glad that now you are aware of what han means.

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