If you have been using backpacks regularly in your life you might have heard of the brand called Osprey. Founded in 1974 by Mike Pfotenhauer who is very passionate about his craft from the very first day. 

The founder of this brand made his first bag when he was only 16 years old. The young entrepreneur then decided that he wanted to open a shop in Santa Cruz, California. 

This talented young man opened his first shop in front of his rental apartment and this is where people used to come to take a look at the bags collection. Most of these people were travelers and backpackers and most of the orders for backpacks placed here were made-to-order or custom-made. 

Mike used to make these bags by himself in a matter of a few days only. In a short amount of time, the demand for the backpacks started to increase and the founder of this brand had to relocate his shop to Southwest, Colorado.

The idea behind the designs of these backpacks resonates with a lot of people. The brand believes in diverse backgrounds, personalities, and different abilities. 

Integrity, innovation, respect, quality, and stewardship are the core values that every employee at Osprey is familiar with. The talented people working here follow these values by heart and represent them as well.

Is Osprey Brand Worth It?

Before buying a bag from anywhere for that matter you need to confirm whether it is going to be worth your money or not. There is a whole lot of selection available here if you are looking for variety design-wise and for the pocket as well.

Regular shoppers here are known to be satisfied with the bags and the service overall. With the high quality and the finest materials being used in the making of these bags, Osprey is determined to deliver the best you can have for your best traveling experiences.

These bags are very durable and rugged so you really don’t have to worry about them being damaged anytime soon. Got a lot of things to pack? These bags are extremely practical, spacious, and not to mention comfortable on your shoulders.

So now you can go on a trip you’ve been planning without having a sore shoulder and without missing your essentials as well. These bags are certainly a viable and safe investment if you really want a long-lasting bag for a lifetime.

The bags here are extremely resistant which means that they can carry a huge load in them without any wear or tear at all. So basically you don’t damage anything and carry it with you. 

For your small stuff like keys or hand creams, the numerous small pockets in these bags are going to be a lifesaver for you. Osprey bags have the advantage of compartments which means that you can organize your stuff in order of preference. 

From small to big essentials, everything would fit in easily. With these bags being able to contain so much in them without any damage, these bags themselves are very lightweight.

Bags here undergo a detailed inspection before they are sent to the stores. This is to make sure that there are no defects or anything that could undermine your experience and the brand’s reputation as well. 

This very fact has established a bond of trust between the people and the brand. For many years there has been a solid customer base for this brand.

So whenever a consumer buys a bag from this brand, they know they are going to get an affordable, high-quality, and durable bag that won’t be that easy to get rid of. 

Are These Bags Good Quality?

The good quality claim by this brand has been backed by many tourists and hiking websites as well. Many backpack models by this brand have been featured in the top ten lists of bags on many websites and reviews.

These bags are everything you would ever need in a bag i.e lightweight, practical, durable, stylish, and way too easy to use. The bags also come with attached whistles and bells that are paired with modern technology as well.

The design of the backpacks is made to endure long distances of hundred miles without any slight damage at all. Osprey is also known for the best guarantee program you would ever come across.

The guarantee program is called the All Mighty Guarantee program.  The brand promises to repair any sort of damage done to bags bought from here and this program is applicable to any bag you have ever bought from here.

So the bag could be from 1974 and you could still bring it in for repairs at Osprey. 

Osprey, over time, has proved itself to be worthy to be called the pioneer of the backpack-making industry. Most of the time when you get a travel bag you think of something that is going to look boring and dull.

But at Osprey, you get a huge selection to choose from that has a lot of colors and different designs that would suit your individual style. 

There are definitely some expensive bags available here as well. But if you are on a tight budget you really do not have to worry about the affordability aspect.

There are all sorts of price ranges available. So basically all you have to do is go into the store and buy yourself a good traveling backpack. 

You can also check out the online website of Osprey and catch some good deals on your favorite bags as well 

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