Markings on gold or silver jewelry let the buyer understand their worth as they indicate the initials or company name, while digits are also carved to denote the hallmarks or purity of metal content.

In some cases, both the letters and numbers are stamped on a ring, such as S 325, which we will discuss in this article.

What is S 325?

S 325 is not an official or standard hallmark of gold. 375 refers to the percentage of gold in the alloy that is 9 karats. 325 or 8 karats is not gold plated as the number 325 represents the percentage of gold in the object. 

In this case, the ring with a stamp S 325 has 32.5% gold by weight, equivalent to 8 karats gold, which is not a standard industry marking. The other metals in this alloy are traditionally copper with a small percentage of silver. 

If we measure the percentage of gold using standard gold calculations, the amount of karats ÷ by 24 x 1000, 325 appears as 7.8 karats that’s been rounded up to 8 karats to fit into the standard measurements.

Is S 325 silver?

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S 325 stamp on a ring does not refer to silver since its grades start in the 900’s up to 999 whereas s925 refers to sterling silver. However, 325 silver is an alloy that primarily composes 77% plasma particles and 33% gamma.

What is it worth?

325 Silver Italy is priced at 2.50 US$ per gram. It is relatively cheaper as it is about 25 US$. In Australia and Britain, 375 or 9 karats are commonly used for lower-grade jewelry, whereas 325 is worth less than 375.


S325 stamp on a ring refers to the percentage of gold in the object, such as 32.5% equivalent to 8 karats gold, which is not an industry-standard marking. It is less valuable than the official marking of gold, i.e., 375 or 9 karats gold.

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