Diamonds are a luxury for many people and a brilliant means of expression. It’s considered a norm to have an engagement or wedding with a diamond ring, and diamond jewelry is seen as a symbol of higher status.

You can find a range of amazing wholesale diamond suppliers in Auston Tx from the list below!

List Of Wholesale Diamonds In Austin Tx:

  • Diamond Direct
  • The Austin Diamond Room
  • Diamonds Above Fine Jewelers
  • Five Star Jewelry Brokers
  • Avantgarde Jewelers

1. Diamond Direct

Diamond Direct is an excellent supplier of real diamonds to the market. Many shops and retailers rely on them as a distributor whose diamond products can be counted to be the best in Austin. 

Diamonds Direct is glad to announce that their diamonds come from a conflict-free source. They can safely stand behind this assurance to you not just because they are involved in the full diamond manufacturing process, from mine to cutting and polishing to delivery to the consumer.

The Kimberley Process is an international mechanism that was formed in 2003 to monitor rough diamond sales. This mechanism, spearheaded by the United Nations, guarantees that money earned from diamond trafficking and production does not fund unethical working conditions, conflict, or anti-government or rebellious activities.

Contact Info:


2. The Austin Diamond Room

The Austin Diamond Room performs primarily customized work, from wedding rings to unique gifts, and believe it or not, buying a bespoke item from the store is sometimes less expensive than buying pre-designed jewelry.

The Austin Diamond Room is the getaway from the hustle and bustle of the retail area. Instead, of the mainstream service, you can receive the personalized attention and care you deserve. 

In a private appointment, you can view their extensive inventory of loose diamonds. Because all of their diamonds are hand-picked and direct-sourced, the overhead is kept to a minimum. No internet jewelers can compete with their selection, affordability, and personalized service.

Contact Info:

Phone: (512) 643-0212


Address: 3301 Northland Drive, Room 215, Austin, Texas 78731.

3. Diamonds Above Fine Jewelers

Diamonds Above Fine Jewelers is one of Austin’s most popular jewelry boutiques. Their premium assortment of genuine, bespoke, and stunning diamond engagement rings, fine jewelry, and luxury timepieces distinguish them as one of Austin’s best jewelers. 

 The company is a brilliant option if you want a high-quality jewelry shopping experience without the pressures of a conventional “big box” store. 

They treat you like you deserve as one of the top jewelers in Austin, TX, concentrating on customized care every time you come. They have a vast collection of timepieces, diamond jewelry, and diamond engagement rings in Austin from a variety of prominent brands, yet clients rarely pay a designer or retail pricing. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (512) 357-3981

Email: [email protected]


Address: 4101 Guadalupe St Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78751.

4. Five Star Jewelry Brokers

Five Star Jewelry Brokers has over 24 years of experience in the jewelry market and connections and relationships that enable them to obtain the finest jewels at the greatest price! 

They also have a large selection, so you will notice more possibilities when you visit their store. They offer a minimal overhead business approach, which means you receive a terrific value!

They emphasize the concept of being a personal jeweler” If you’re looking for a unique present, they have hundreds of diamonds and fine jewelry pieces to pick from!

Contact Info:

Phone: 512-306-8200 

Email: [email protected]


Address: 2712 Bee Cave Road St 104 Austin, Texas 78746. 

5. Avangarde Jewelers

Since 1976, Austin’s favorite family-owned jewelry store. From jewelry repair and restoration to bespoke jewelry design, engagement rings, wedding bands, and a unique collection of fine jewelry, they serve the Austin region.

Brian Hoover, often known as “The Professor,” is widely renowned for taking the time to teach every part of the diamond buying process, ensuring clients have the information to successfully acquire any stone. 

As a recognized diamond dealer, they are committed to obtaining high-quality diamonds, which allows them to provide some of the most stunning jewels available.

Contact Info:

Phone: (512) 451-0338

Email: [email protected]


Address: 10000 Research Blvd, Ste. 126, Austin, TX 78759.

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