A wide range of rings is available in the market with different worth and quality. The value of a ring is mentioned inside it. You might have seen a ring with P 10K stamped inside. 

Symbols and numbers stamped inside the rings allow you to determine the material used in the ring. This article has gathered valuable information about the meaning behind it.

Moreover below is a detailed explanation about the worth of the P 10K ring and the percentage of gold and other alloys used in that ring. So when you are buying a ring you don’t get confused about the symbols.

What does P 10K mean on a ring?

P stamped inside a ring is an abbreviation for the word ‘Plumb Gold’. Capital K on a ring is an abbreviation for ‘Karat’. So if you find P 10k on a ring, it means 10 karats gold plated. A value such as 10K describes the ring’s cost. 

The purity of gold present in the 10 karat gold plated ring is determined by the karate system. If you know the number of karats your ring has, you should measure its weight in grams first. This will allow you to rapidly decide its genuine worth. 

How much is a P 10K ring worth?

Karats add up the value and charm in the ring. The more karats the ring is, the more high-priced it is. Therefore worth of a gold ring is determined by the quantity of gold. 10K is the least expensive because of the low percentage of gold in it. 

It has 50% pure gold whereas 24K is the most valuable one because 99.9% gold is used in it. P 10K has a pale yellow color and is the least shiny. 

Is 10Ks real gold?

It is real gold indeed but with a mixture of alloy. Pure gold is too soft in a natural state. It will bend and will fail to maintain its shape. Pure gold is quite shiny and has a texture of orange color. 

Metal alloys are used in gold to make them sturdier and more durable. That’s why 58.3% of alloys are mixed with gold. 10K gold has 24 out of 10 parts of gold. 

If you want to test the 10K gold as real gold, you have to put your piece of jewelry in water. But, first, observe whether your item will float or not. If it floats on the water, then it is not made up of real gold. And if it drowns in the water, it is real gold. 

What does P mean on jewelry?

P is called Plumb Gold inside jewelry. A phrase used for gold jewelry that means it contains the exact amount of gold in the alloy indicated by the Karat mark. So if P 10k is marked inside the ring it means that your ring has 10 Karat plumb. 

The core reason behind this mark is to let the buyer know about the percentage of gold in the jewelry. The percentage of gold can be determined by dividing the number mentioned on the jewelry dividing it by 24. So in the P 10K ring, 41.7% gold is used.


P 10K on a ring gives you detailed information about the gold ring. Learning about the full form of symbols in detail will ease your journey of buying a perfect gold ring for yourself. By simple division, you can also learn about the percentage of gold.

But some rings might have fake engravings so it is important to learn how to test your gold ring.

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