Seiko is a watchmaking brand that has a special place in every watch enthusiast’s heart. The brand dates back to 1882, the time when Kintaro Hattori opened a clock and watch shop in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. 

The first wristwatch under the brand appeared under the famous name Seiko, and so the great legacy began. Seiko is known for developing some of the iconic watches that have completely revolutionized the industry and the watch brand with time. 

One of the great examples is the watch called Seiko Marvel made in 1956. This was the watch that started the brand’s first in-house movement. 

Seiko Gyro Marvel was the supplanted watch in 1959 which had this magic lever mechanism increasing the winding efficiency. After this came the Grand Seiko watch. The brand also has a sub-label called the Grand Seiko selling high-end watches. 

There are so many reasons why Seiko is so popular to this date. The brand is loved by so many all over the world and mainly because it keeps going for innovation. 

The mechanical watches here are of great durable quality and with fine materials, they can be worth every penny you spend on them.

The brand has definitely created some of the coolest models throughout the years and fans have come up with some cool names for every model. 

The Sumo, Turtle, and Monster are a few of the names given by the Seiko fandom. If you do a history check, you would learn that Seiko is a loved brand all around the globe, and not every company can claim to have that kind of loyalty and fan base. 

The craftsmanship and the pride of the brand go into every single watch piece made here. Whether you go for a Marinemaster 300 or a Turtle, you would notice the attention to detail and the pride of great quality in any watch piece. 

Many people visiting the Seiko headquarters in Japan have grown a lot of respect for the brand due to its unmatched dedication and remarkable craftsmanship. Another reason why the watches are popular among many is that they are low maintenance. 

You combine style, durability, and passion for detail in a mechanical watch and you got yourself a Seiko watch. The technical precision of the watches is so on point. 

These watches have an accuracy reputation with an excellent 5 to 10 seconds per year which is actually far much better than your regular quartz watch. An average quartz watch has 15 seconds per month which really makes Seiko the superior one here if we are out to compare.

Is Seiko A Luxury Watch Brand?

Well, definitely the finish and the final outcome you see here do give a luxurious image of the Seiko brand. But Seiko is not a luxury watch brand even though it may look like one. 

Although the watchmaking company has a sub-label called Grand Seiko, those watches definitely live up to and for real are luxury watches. 

Seiko actually outsources most of its manufacturing process and therefore is able to give quality watches at reasonable prices. With in-house movements, things do tend to get expensive for a watchmaking company.

Since Seiko doesn’t have any so the accessibility remains for many people to avail luxury like watches on a budget. Amazing luxury timepieces are available at Grand Seiko, so if you want to splurge, this is where you need to be. 

Even though the finishing of Seiko watches is of high quality some of the materials used are not of that great quality. And also what brings the brand down from the luxury standpoint is that it outsources its manufacturing process from other not-so-developed nations. 

Although the in-house movements are there for this brand as well, it is more for the sub-label Grand Seiko. A watch is considered luxurious when it has great quality materials and also exotic materials in the making of it. 

Most of the luxury watches out there are very complicated. They are hard to make and are more complex than your simple designed mechanical watches. 

Seiko does make its own movements for the simpler and affordable watches too. That is a true testament to the watch-making craft since most of the brands outsource all of the manufacturing from different regions for the affordable watches in the collection. 

Why Is Seiko So Cheap?

Other than the company’s sub-label, Seiko watches are cheap due to the mediocre materials used in the process of their making.

The Seiko line is actually quite affordable to have but has the perfect finish and amazing designs for you to have in your watch collection. 

Is Seiko A Respected Brand?

Well definitely with all the history of fine watchmaking craft and delivering the innovation with every single launch, Seiko has earned the respect of many. 

Going shopping and not knowing about Seiko is not possible even if you are new to the game. 

Is Seiko Better Than Rolex?

When it comes to quality, Grand Seiko is actually on the same level as Rolex watches. But these watches are not necessarily better than Rolex, but one can say not even the worst option. 

It actually comes down to personal preference, to be honest, and both have the same performance levels so, might as well go with something you like. 

Seiko, to this date, has been selling watches and now you can’t deny the great job this brand is doing. 

The innovative and amazing features, timeless designs, a massive collection of watches, and most importantly the affordability aspect really make it stand out in the market. So you should definitely check out the watch brand loved by all!

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