You always come across these watches that have a 100-year-old rich history to them and thus hold respect for the quality and craftsmanship. Well, the watch market is a place for everyone and NOMOS was founded in 1990 by Roland Schwertner in Germany. 

The brand has earned the trust of a lot of watch enthusiasts since its inception due to its quality and durability. All of the watches here are made and designed with the influence of the Bauhaus style. The brand is 95 percent responsible for making every quality piece with its in-house movements. 

In more than 30 years, the brand has gained popularity not only in Germany but also worldwide.

According to the brand’s website, NOMOS makes its watches with a close approximation to the specs of ISO 3159 standards of chronology. In a short period of time, the brand has become so popular because of its mechanical watches and intricate detailing craftsmanship. 

The brand might not have the rich heritage as any other high-end brand but is definitely one of the A-list brands that people love to shop at. 

Is Nomos A Luxury Watch Brand?

Not as luxurious as other rich heritage brands, NOMOS is known to be an entry-level luxury brand that caters to upper-middle-class and upper-class consumer needs. 

With all the expensive materials like gold and diamonds used in the watches, you can say that people do keep this brand on their must-have list. 

With 95 percent in-house movements, the brand has developed credibility among customers. The biggest and game-changing breakthrough for the brand was in 2014. NOMOS this year was able to make its own escapement that is called the “NOMOS swing system”. 

This allowed this luxury watch brand to have complete independence and did not rely on Swiss companies anymore for the supply of parts. And now as we know the brand claims to have 100 percent in-house movements. This made it the luxury brand it is and quite popular among the luxury-loving folks. 

Do NOMOS Watches Hold Value?

With the humongous marketing and advertising budget the company has, the company is becoming a well-known competitor in the market. 

But still, there are many people who do not know about the brand, and by people, we mean most. So the brand’s quality truly speaks for itself otherwise it would not have been around for 30 years in the market. 

Do the watches here hold value? Well for mechanical watches or any fancy ones you do get a pretty good deal for a luxury watch. But if you are thinking of investing in these as an asset then you might want to reconsider your decision. 

Watches, especially wrist watches, lose their value after a year or two. So if you are reselling these you won’t be getting any profit or the actual price of the watch. 

Is NOMOS A Respected Brand?

If you compare the brand to the brand called Tag Heuer or Longines, NOMOS definitely gets much more points than these. 

The annual production of the watches here is 20,000 pieces per year. The brand has earned so much respect in a short period of time. The watches made per year have these mechanical watches that have wound movements. 

Every caliber of the watch is unique and comes with an individual movement number, ribbing, polishes, six adjusted positions, and the amazing accuracy of the chronometer levels. 

The unique design and composition really make the watch brand stand and gives it more credit than just being expensive. 

You can afford the brand but still not something that an average Joe can go for every month. The rare and designer feel of the wristwatches does draw in a lot of customers. In the traditional world of watchmaking brands like NOMOS provide watches that are a unique display of timeless modern pieces. 

NOMOS does make dress watches only so if you are out to compare this brand to some high-end brands, you don’t really want to do that. The watches contain stainless steel which is durable but again it’s not the ultimate option for long-term durability. 

What you get out of this watch is cool designs, a designer look and feel, entry-level luxury prices, and definitely good craftsmanship. So if you want to pair something luxury-like or almost a luxury with your dress, NOMOS is the way to go!  

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