Braun Buffel is a leading luxury German brand with a history dating back over a century, dedicated to producing high-quality, premium leather goods.

Since 1887, Braun Buffel has been recognized for excellent craftsmanship and the use of the finest leather. Bags and accessories from Braun Buffel are extraordinary for day-to-day life thanks to their love of leather and passion for detail.

Braun Buffel can provide you with whatever you require. Handbags, travel bags, clutches, cardholders, wallets, cross body bags, tote bags, leather straps for wristwatches, and even coin bags are available.

All of the bags are made of genuine leather that has been organically tanned. The majority of the items are made of grain leather.

The brand is attempting something unique by blending the Autumn/Winter 2020 and Spring/Summer 2021 collections and presenting them as a United Back to the Origin line-up for men and women.

How Good Is Braun Buffel?

Braun Buffel is dedicated to providing the highest quality products possible. When you purchase from their official online store, you will receive authentic leather items from the company, proving their commitment to dependability and trustworthiness.

For a House with a 132-year history in the art of leather craftsmanship, they are continuously challenged to think ahead and ask how they can make sustainability more efficient and effective throughout their operations.

The leather used for Braun Buffel’s products itself is sustainable because skins and hides are by-products of the meat industry.

Braun Buffel items can be considered as smart and wise investments because leather is a long-lasting and sturdy material.

This is where Braun Buffel begins to include sustainable materials in their creations, such as recycled nylon.

The Bully series, a comical take of the House’s buffalo logo, has also been released as a sustainable leather collection. The entire collection is made up of a creative and innovative composition of the season’s leather cut-offs, underlining their commitment to environmental sustainability and waste reduction.

Braun Buffel is also known for its unique designs, which adhere to the brand’s idea of exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality leathers at a reasonable price.

Braun Buffel fosters and maintains positive connections with its suppliers and partners. They have worked closely with stakeholders in their factories and leather tanneries over the years and have developed a close relationship with them.

They are able to manage their costs through these strategic partnerships, allowing them to keep their rates low without sacrificing quality.

Is Braun Buffel Famous?

Braun Buffel has built a reputation as a premier leather goods and accessories brand over the previous century. It has remained a luxury brand distinguished for outstanding craftsmanship, quality leather, classic elegance, and contemporary appeal to this day.

Braun Buffel has made its mark in the world of designer bags as an icon of fine-quality leather goods, and you can find these bags of the highest quality at their Sunway Pyramid location.

The company’s iconic buffalo logo has become a symbol of exceptional German leather craftsmanship.

Where Is Braun Buffel Made In?

All the high-end leather collections of Braun Buffel are created in Germany. The leather craftsmen are still taught in the Braun Buffel’s hometown of Kirn a der Nahe (Rhineland-Palatinate). Braun Buffel takes great pride in its tiny but powerful workshop.

Although some websites claim that practically all of Braun Buffel’s contemporary leather goods are designed in Germany yet they are all manufactured in China. Only a tiny number of wallets are still created in Germany, and they are all hot-stamped inside the wallet.

This is still not confirmed but it is mentioned on some websites.

Who Owns Braun Buffel?

Christiane Brunk, the fourth generation of the Braun family to lead the company, is the owner and managing director of Braun Buffel.

She worked with her father for approximately ten years, and he well prepared her to take over the operations in 2005.

Her aim for Braun Buffel is to become a leading and sustainable global luxury brand with a strong Omni channel presence.

Christiane Brunk explains how she guarantees that the luxury brand’s superb craftsmanship continues to make attractive leather bags and accessories with a contemporary appeal, such as Braun Buffel wallets.

She sees herself as a catalyst for change. She has no hesitation about stepping outside of her comfort zone and embracing change.

“It’s not easy at first, but the possibilities that open up when you do are incredible. It’s vital to be flexible and nimble in today’s changing world, as well as willing to disrupt yourself”, she explained in an interview.

She strives to build a culture in which everyone feels empowered, and where variety generates new ideas and innovation. Leaders must guarantee that the organization stays true to its ideals in good times and bad. She strives to be fearless, kind, and genuine.


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