The Canadian brand Aldo is all about women’s and men’s shoes and bags. Founded in 1972 in Montreal, Canada, Aldo has become quite a name ever since its origin. 

The brand is known for its style and trendy fashion articles so a perfect spot for fashion enthusiasts. You can buy bags from some vibrant colors to the classic neutrals that would definitely stand out once taken out. 

The beautiful texture and phenomenal material of the bag are everything you look for in a bag. The best part is that such a fine piece of work is very affordable and accessible to many people out there. 

The Aldo Group which is branded as the name Aldo is a retailer that operates and owns chains of accessories and shoe stores worldwide. The reason why it has become a worldwide phenomenon is that it has almost 3000 stores in 100 countries. These 3000 stores are under different names like GLOBO, Call It Spring, and last but not the least, Aldo.

Is Aldo A Luxury Brand For Bags?

Aldo is not a luxury brand overall. The brand may give you the image since the quality is quite a thing around here. There are many brands out there that strive to make quality available at reasonable price points. 

Well, Aldo is one of those brands. Aldo does take inspiration from the luxury brands out there and creates similar-looking products but again luxury like pieces at an affordable rate. 

Almost 60 percent of the products you see here are made in China which mainly includes bags. The shoes are also made in some Asian countries. The amazing bag collection is often made in Italy, Eastern Europe, and Brazil.

Although there are some scammers out there too. You can always check and examine the bag so that you don’t get scammed while buying an Aldo bag. 

Check the bag carefully for authenticity labels, brand tags, and most importantly serial numbers. Most designer bags you get from Aldo have an inside tag with a serial number on it along with a brand name tag.

The serial number is hand-stitched on the inside of the bag or it can also be stamped on the leather inside.

Many designer bags here also have authenticity labels pasted or stamped on the outside. 

Are Aldo Bags Real Leather? 

Bags here are known for their top quality. The idea of owning something that looks like luxury and is of high quality but at an affordable price is a big seller. That is the sole reason why Aldo is still a popular brand among the masses. 

Most of the bags you see here are made of faux leather which is also of good quality and can last for years. The brand has now launched hand-crafted milled leather bags in different colors and sizes.

Be it leather or faux, Aldo bags have been around for some time now. People getting an Aldo bag still think of it as a fashion statement since the designs are very much like everyone’s favorite luxury brands

So basically, you can find luxury but at affordable prices at Aldo. You won’t be getting any compromised quality here though unlike the brands claiming the same as Aldo but not providing great quality at all. Whatever kind of bag you’re into, Aldo can be the best place to splurge money at. 

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