The 90s was the era of Guess dominance as every young person literally used to hang the campaign pages on their walls. Guess was the epitome of sexy visuals and fashion photography back then. 

Guess is one of the biggest fashion brands and retailers in America. The brand produces clothing lines for women and men along with different accessories like scarves, sunglasses, watches, bags, shoes, jewelry, and perfumes. 

The most popular and loved product by this brand of all time is the designer jeans. Ever since 1981, Guess has been one the most popular fashion brands among men and women. The brand was considered aspirational due to its infamous stonewash jeans. Bloomingdale’s was one of the high-end fashion stores that used to have the brand’s jeans on display too. 

It is said that a total of 12 pairs of jeans by Guess at Bloomingdale’s shelves were sold within hours. 

Guess was a symbol of sexuality, adventure, and youth for a whole lot of the public. 

Is Guess A Luxury Brand For Bags?

Well, the brand is for sure a luxury one due to the expensive prices for every product you see. The bags are also a stand-out product of the brand

If you shop from the luxury aile you would definitely have to pay like 300 to 400 dollars for a bag which is expensive. But the prices do not meet the standards of Gucci or Prada. 

You can definitely get a bag from Guess if you want to invest in affordable luxury. But shopping here regularly that too from the luxury section is going to be hard on the budget if have things planned out for a month. 

Is Guess Still A Top Brand?

Well, there is no denying that Guess has still got what it takes to be a trendy fashion brand. Guess is still a popular brand globally in more than 80 countries. 

The brand still sells a huge range of accessories, apparel, and denim that is well known for quality and style all over the world. The brand’s presence is very deep-rooted and strong in America and Europe. Despite all the controversies the campaigns of this brand might have generated, it is still people’s preferred fashion retailer. 

The bags you see here are available at affordable prices too like almost 80 dollars you can get a decent handbag. But once you want to go luxury, the prices are totally expensive. 

It is not an haute couture brand as per your luxury brand standards but it is definitely something you can’t keep shopping at because it does get expensive. 

Guess has maintained a good and trendy reputation over the years and is relevant due to the good quality and durability of every product. 

Leather and fine wool are used to make trendy and 90s-inspired clothes that are perfect for a 90s aesthetic. Wearing Guess clothes is very popular among women especially since it makes them feel sensual, seductive, and mysterious. And these features go from clothing collections to shoes of your liking. 

Throughout the history of Guess, the brand has tried and has successfully stayed true to its core essence as a company and a fashion brand. The essence of sultriness, allure, and mysterious vibe is spread through all the collections the brand offers. 

The denim here is definitely top-notch whether it be jeans, tops, or jackets, you just can’t beat Guess’s quality. The clothing line here is kind of affordable making the brand accessible to most of the population. 

Be it the 90s and today, the brand has made sure that it fits celebs and people of normal class equally. The best part is that the brand offers sales every now and then. So if it is a seasonal sale or a black Friday one, you need to grab the discounts on their quality clothing and accessories. 

The bags are a total game-changer if you looking to complete your look by shopping at Guess. From duffle bags to a sleek purse, you know you are paying for a good quality even if it is a bit expensive. You might want to invest at Guess than saving up for a long time for a Dior bag. 

So next time you see a sale or holiday coming up, do not miss your chance of shopping at Guess since it is fair to have a good shopping experience that is also affordable. 

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