The fashion industry is booming with life these days; stock and sales have been going to infinity and beyond, just like Buzz Lightyear.

There are countless new additions of brands being added to the already overflowing garment industry.

Some of these brands are newfound, while others are seasoned in the way of craft and sale.

Many designer brands sell luxury wear.

These brands are usually based on legendary artists who form a deep love between art and fashion, while others just want to get into the business.

One such brand is The Row. It was started by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen, also called the Olsen Twins.

These are former actresses, now American Fashion Designers, involved in the retail of aesthetic, creative, and elegantly tailored clothing.

In this article, we shall discuss what The Row is. If it’s expensive, who does it sell to, and whether the quality of its production actually lives up to its name?

So read on to discover more about “The Row.”

About The Row

The Row is a luxury fashion brand label established in 2006 by the Olsen Twins- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Yes, Marvel’s famous Scarlet Witch, Elizabeth Olsen’s sisters.

The row presents many collections for each season of the year and special events, including day-to-day occasions.

They believe in providing finely tailored clothes, high-quality fabrics, and detailed prints with exceptional designs.

They believe in making subtle, bold, and simplistic yet attractive designs that imbue confidence in their consumers and give them the power to be daring.

Is The Row A Luxury Brand?

The Row is definitely luxury. The fabric that they use for making their attire is exceptionally high-grade.

This fabric, combined with its impeccable tailoring designed to fit and slide through your nook and curves, is the reason many celebrities are fans of their work.

Such a brand has a quality price too. The work done by their skilled designers and tailors is in no way cheap.

The art of manufacturing simple clothing and turning it into something luxury requires the same degree of expense.

This chic label is also a runway brand liked by many critics at New York Fashion Week. The brand produces its own style rather than relying on trends.

Many brands, when producing their attire, tend to forget to make clothing sizes above 12. The Olsens did include women of all sizes in their retail network.

Though their clothes are expensive, such a luxury is only reser

When the label started, many said they would fail, yet the brand led by the Olsen Twins lives to this day. It is quite a slap on the face of the critics.

Why is The Row Popular?

The Row has always been popular. Many people thought that since celebrity designers started the Row, its products were going to be of bad quality with a weird sense of fashion.

When it did come into existence, the result was the opposite of this.

Though their products were expensive, it was justified by the superior comfort they provided with their excellent materials.

The brand started with just clothing but soon grew to include footwear and leather goods. With these new inclusions, their growth increased rapidly.

There have been very few interviews regarding “The Row.” Still, this brand has flourished by letting its clothes talk for themselves.

What makes The Row popular is its individuality, their products are all unique. This individual brand continues its growth and continues to prove those wrong who stated that it would see the end soon.

Does The Row Make Money?

The company does not disclose its revenue figures. But it is estimated that they make $100 to $200 million per annum.

It is said that the brand is in financial trouble now because of the ongoing pandemic. They have halved down their workforce.

The brand’s biggest wholesale account Barneys New York also filed for bankruptcy. They owed the label $3.7 million. This was a huge loss to the company.

Do People Actually Buy From The Row?

Yes, The Row is expensive, so it is only exclusive to a small number of people. These people usually are celebrities.

The clothes that the brand produces are comfortable and relaxing. For celebrities, it is a nice getaway from uncomfortable runway dresses.

Some consumers are also those who value quality over price. However, looking at the price tag, these might be rich people mostly.


The Row is a luxury fashion brand started by the Olsen Twins. It offers a variety of products such as shirts, footwear, and leather goods.

The quality of these products is unmatchable. The label is known for its great fits and excellent tailoring.

The brand is pricey, though. So make sure you have a nice budget.


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