Roots Corporation also known as Roots is a publicly listed Canadian clothing, leather bag, small leather products, footwear, athletic wear, and household goods company. 

Michael Budman and Don Green launched the firm in 1973 in Toronto, Ontario. Roots were acquired by Searchlight Capital Partners LP, an American investment firm, in 2015. 

Their design studio and leather manufacture are both located in Toronto, Ontario. In Canada, Roots employs 2,000 people. Roots factories exist worldwide, although the parent corporation does not divulge their whereabouts. 

Roots, founded in 1973, is a luxury outdoor lifestyle brand that combines the finest of the cabin and the city. Their garments, leather products, footwear, and accessories are created to inspire people all over the world to enjoy everyday experiences in comfort and style. 

From its humble beginnings in a small cabin in Canada’s Algonquin Park to the opening of its first store in Toronto, Ontario, and the introduction of iconic products like the Salt & Pepper hoody and sweats.

The company also has more than 150 stores internationally, and an eCommerce platform that ships to over 70 countries. Currently, the company is doing quite well and gaining a lot of popularity.

 The logo was established in the 1970s and incorporates artwork by Heather Cooper, with the firm name placed in the Cooper typeface, which Oswald Cooper produced in 1919.

Roots launched its first store on Yonge St. near the Rosedale subway station in Toronto in August 1973. A few months later, Roots purchased the Upin and Ipin Company and established their own leather business. 

Roots had stores in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and a few places in the United States by the end of 1973. Roots’ negative-heel shoes competed with Kals Earth Shoe, which originally hit the North American market in 1970.

Experts differ on whether negative-heel shoes are helpful or detrimental to one’s feet. The Roots manufacturing expanded as the demand for negative-heel shoes grew. 

By the fall of 1975, the factory that had previously produced only 30 pairs of shoes per day was producing over 2,000. Later that year, Roots decided to try out casual clothing.

Roots clothing has had a long journey towards excellence and it proves that their struggle has resulted in a rainbow at the end. Currently, the company has found its edge and is sticking to it!

Why is roots clothing so expensive?

Roots clothing is a full-service apparel boutique specializing in generational design trends. Their bags specifically appear and feel quite expensive. And, while they’re not cheap, they’re certainly affordable. 

However, due to the recent rise in inflation, Roots has raised pricing and reduced discounts. Roots reported a $5.3 million first-quarter loss, compared to a $4.9 million loss at the same time last year.

The loss for the quarter ended April 30 was 13 cents per share, compared to a loss of 12 cents per share a year earlier, according to the business. Still, their clothing may not be overpriced in comparison to other brands in the market.

In the end, every brand has to make a profit, so the rise in roots clothing is reasonable and completely at par with the economic state of the world.

Are Roots overpriced?

Quality, comfort, and craftsmanship all add to our goods’ legendary feel, which is why customers fall in love with Roots. It is not just how their genuine items feel, but also how customers feel when they wear Roots.

 Are Roots sweats worth it?

According to the majority of reviews, there is a conflict regarding the quality of their sweatpants. Many people have appreciated the amazing quality of pants and how comfortable they are: one person commented on Reddit how he washed Roots sweatpants twice and they don’t pill or shrink. 

They’re warm, incredibly cozy, and definitely worth the money if you’re serious about your loungewear. However, some claim that they don’t like how the sweats were branded. Regardless of the variety of opinions, if you value comfortable sweatpants: go for it!

 Is Roots a popular brand?

Roots is a clothing company that expects to permanently liquidate virtually all of its U.S. locations as they continue to underperform in a retail climate aggravated by the COVID-19 outbreak. They also only engage with trustworthy vendors who follow the Roots Workplace Code of Conduct, whether in Canada or overseas.

The firm has announced the closure of seven of its nine locations south of the border. Roots produce its goods in Canada at its manufacturing center in Toronto, the United States, South Asia, Asia, and South America.

Roots described the campaign’s target demographic as independent and creative women and men aged 28 to 35. o tempt them, they created and distributed a rich mini-catalog during the back-to-school season, a busy shopping period when many individuals reset their wardrobes. 

You are most likely to love Roots clothing as an adult and do check them out from the link below!


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