Clothing is not only a terrific way to express oneself, but studies believe that the apparel we wear may influence our behaviors and confidence. 

We feel more secure in ourselves when we wear things we like, which is especially significant for the elderly. Alternative fashion is distinguished from conventional commercial fashion. 

Alternative fashion encompasses, but is not limited to, the fashions of distinct subcultures such as emo, scene, goth subculture, hip hop, cyberpunk, Burner, Punk, Steampunk, Cosplay, and Lolita fashion.

Wearing something comfy, cute, or elegant helps you feel good about yourself. It’s self-awareness and self-assurance conveyed via what you wear. Drop Dead is a well-known brand that serves this niche audience, and is a portal into a world that promotes alternative fashion culture and inclusion.

Drop Dead Clothing was founded in 2005 in Sheffield by the vocalist of the metal band Bring Me The Horizon, Oliver Sykes.

The business developed its reputation on its characterful and unusual graphic shirts and distinctive, high-quality street apparel influenced by 1990s culture. 

Many people all around the region were intrigued by this new brand and wanted a piece of the cake. Eventually, this brand became quite popular amongst alternative fashion lovers and also metal band listeners who were acquainted with alternative cultures and dressing. 

The key to a brilliant shopping experience is a brand that identifies customers’ needs and brings forth numerous styles of clothing that can serve their requirements and satisfy them. Drop Dead’s collection definitely are capable of making anyone’s jaw drop to the floor.

They offer a number of aesthetically beautiful graphic t-shirts, jeans, jackets, overalls, sweatshirts, and cute sweaters! The product categories are endless and once a customer visits their website: they are consumed by the overwhelming variety of the products!

Unfortunately, regardless of the increasing limelight of Drop Dead, it is still facing some serious questions regarding the quality of its clothing, and if the price tag on it is truly worth it.

If you are one of those confused individuals, you have come to the right place! In this article, you can identify the main facts about the brand and decide if you want to buy their clothes or not.

Why is Drop Dead clothing so expensive?

Well, Drop Dead is not just a brand: it’s an association with a certain style of clothing and representation of alternative culture. It’s one of the rare brands and manufacturers that completely focus their designs and collections on a specific alternate market.

Although we might think alternative fashion has a small group of followers, that’s actually not true. Alternative fashion consists of many styles, and genres. 

It is also important to understand that the market value of Drop Dead increases as it’s an exclusive brand that caters to this specific audience. Furthermore, the main factor that the clothing is expensive is quality.

Their clothing is made out of good quality fabric and employs raw materials and a production process that is costly. 

Lastly, Drop Dead is expensive due to its own which belongs to a high-class metal brand that is really popular in the alternative music world. Their label and presence make the brand have a higher value, and gain a status that can grant them a higher price tag.

Who owns Drop Dead clothing?

Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes owns Drop Dead clothing, and he remains the sole head of the brand since the start. The brand has collaborated with multiple designers and manufacturers throughout its journey to success.

Is Drop Dead clothing ethical?

Yes, Drop Dead is very ethical in all terms of manufacture and distribution. Their products are made in their own region, therefore there is no hint of exploitation of workers.

In keeping with Drop Dead’s ethical policies, all of their goods are also manufactured in SMETA-audited facilities under the most stringent labor conditions. They also are sustainable and use recycle packaging in their deliveries!

Who designs Drop Dead Clothing?

Drop Dead clothing has its own team of designers that sit down and release different collections every few months. Also, they collaborate with various companies such as sports activewear recently to release more trendy fashionable clothing too!

Does Drop Dead restock?

Drop Dead’s official website lists all of their available items, and if an item is discontinued, it will not be restocked, so get it while you can from the link below!


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