Skiing is the act of gliding through snow on skis. People ski for many reasons such as simple transportation, as a leisure pastime, or as a competitive winter sport. 

The International Olympic Committee and the International Ski Federation recognize a wide range of competitive skiing events. Skiing also has many benefits mainly improving the lower body muscles.

Skiing forces the body to squat, which develops the quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. Snowboarding also engages muscles that aren’t commonly used, such as the ankles and feet, which are required to guide the board and maintain balance.

Considering the massive demand for skiing belongs to tourists and locals alike who love trekking on mountains and are quite fond of snow and its adventures. Unfortunately, there are very less brands that cater to making skiing clothes and equipment.

Spyder is a premium, high-end skiing and snowsports gear brand established in Colorado. It is a global sportswear brand known for its distinctive and original product design. Spyder clothing and accessories are available in over 40 countries worldwide. 

Spyder, which invented the first padded ski sweater in 1978 and has sponsored the US Ski Team since 1989, creates technologically innovative clothing for professional athletes and modern customers.

Spyder combines technology, shape, function, and fashion in intelligently manufactured products with meaningful concepts.

Spyder Active Sports is also a Liberated Brands branch that works under a long-term license deal with the Authentic Brands Group. The top ski specialty brand has new releases every few weeks with a range of Ski Jackets, Ski Pants, Sweaters, Shirts, Hoodies, and Ski Gear.

Even though, Spyder clothing is definitely one of a kind and a rare piece of clothing that isn’t offered by many brands or manufactured in the world. Still, many individuals find the clothing expensive and ask if it’s worth the price?

Why is Spyder Clothing so expensive?

Well, Spyder clothing has its advantage in the market position, as there are fewer brands that actually produce high-quality skiing wear and sell equipment that is actually good.

Other than its prominent presence in the market, Spyder is also one of the world’s most well-known brands in the world due to its authenticity. The company is a prominent producer of high-quality outdoor clothing for men, women, and children. 

It creates garments with high-quality fabrics and features that are both comfortable and fashionable. The prime weighs under 12 ounces and is equipped with Spyder XT technology, which provides outstanding breathability and 10K/10K waterproof protection. 

The clothing also has many features such as an Aqua Guard central zipper, zippered arm vents, and drawcord-adjustable hood and bottom hem. Their jacket packs into its own hand pocket, which is convenient for travelers.

Spyder is definitely worth the purchase, and yes it’s expensive but that’s due to the high manufacturing cost and the hard work of sourcing and distributing such products all over the world. If you are looking for an amazing set of skiing clothing, this brand is worth a look at!

Is Spyder a luxury brand?

No, Spyder does not consider itself as a luxury brand, but more of a premium brand that focuses its energy on manufacturing high-quality products. 

They also have teams that look after the quality check of the delivery and make sure that no items are defective. Lastly, premium brands strive to keep improving the quality and materials of their products: thus, also have high prices!

Is Spyder Clothing a good quality?

Yes, Spyder’s clothing and gears are 100% made of good quality materials and have created an astonishing amount of appreciation in the market. 

Their website is also the go-to shopping place for many professional ski athletes or tourists looking for some good protective clothing.

Is Spyder a good brand for skiing?

Yes, it’s a brilliant brand for skiing and is one of the top brands in the world. The majority of their customers are ski lovers or explorers of snowy mountains.

What are Spyder jackets made of?

Spyder jackets are extremely warm due to the use of PrimaLoft insulation in virtually all of their ski jackets and a combination of down and synthetic insulation in their lifestyle jackets.

Customers have rated the Macai, Arc’teryx jacket as the best one from their collection as it is one of the warmest and most stylish skis and snowboard coats people have ever seen. 

The Macai is fully waterproof and has a GORE-TEX hybrid synthetic and down-insulated design, making it robust, toasty, and moisture-proof for harsh conditions and ice chairlifts.

If you are truly looking for more ski equipment and fine quality clothing for protection in the snow, then do go to the link below and shop away!


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