You might have wondered how such expensive brand name perfumes are available at such cheap prices on Fragrancenet, one of the largest perfume retailer online.

Not only do they sell perfumes but also various other products including makeup, skincare and aromatherapy products like candles as well as skincare. 

This might have led you to question their authenticity, whether or not the perfumes they sell are real as they claim to be.

Because, a 100-dollar discount on a perfume where the coupon hasn’t even been applied yet, seems too good to be true, right?

Well, let’s find out.

Does Fragrancenet Sell Fake?

Fragrancenet has been around since 1997 and its market has grown to such an extent that they are now available in different parts of the world including Australia, Canada and Mexico.  

The main reason behind their fame is the availability of designer brand products at budget-friendly prices on their website. 

However, it is completely normal to be skeptical about their authenticity since it seems quite impossible to get such heavy discounts on Chanel and Creed perfumes without tampering with their originality or claiming a fake label. 

Although, you might want to reconsider your opinion because there are quite a few factors that prove the legitimacy of the online website. 

Is Fragrancenet Legit?

The company has a 100% rating from Better Business Bureau. 

Their product guarantee seems quite convincing too where they claim 100% original brand names and 0% imitation. 

However, there have been customers who have complained about the poor quality of their product where the scent doesn’t seem to stay long enough, seems diluted and some even complain about the inadequate quantity they receive. 

Why Is Fragrancenet So Cheap?

Gray Market Advantages

They do not make any of the products they sell. Fragrancenet buys directly from the perfume gray market, that is from the manufacturers rather than the authorized retailers. 

They get their product at heavily discounted prices because of the large quantity they buy in and save costs they would otherwise have to pay if they bought it from a retailer. 

No Stores Or Vendors

Fragrancenet business is primarily online, an area in which they excel. Their shipping is available in US, Canada, Australia and Mexico. 

Selling Over Service

Their priorities lie in selling, not their service. They do not provide you with a five star experience when it comes to selling their products, where service refers to providing post purchase help and support. 

One could be quite bummed out by their customer service, since they take a long time to deliver and they may not always be there to listen to your complaints.

However, if you’re looking forward to buying original Brand perfumes at cheap prices, then Fragrancenet is the way to go. 

Can Fragrancenet Be Trusted?

Fragrancenet has quite a low rating when it comes to customer service, where there are regular issues considering refunds, as well as credit card payments where they are rated not to be good enough.

This creates an atmosphere of confusion and uncertainty considering the brand’s reputation which has been around for more than two decades now and has made more than a billion dollars and shipped over 30 million packages.

This leads us to the question…  Can Fragrancenet actually be trusted?

Their Website

All the information you submit to their website including your account number, as well as your personal information will be safe on the Fragrancenet website.

The communication channels, methods and numbers they have provided on their website are also completely authentic. Even though the service is a bit slow, you can still reach out to the company to address your complaints. 

Quality Products

Fragrancenet perfumes and their other line of products which include hair and skincare essentials are completely authentic. 

One of the major indications is that they would have shut down a long time ago if they were selling fake products under original brand names. 

First of all, they could also get sued for selling fake perfume bottles by any customer who has ordered online. 

This seems a pretty big risk for a business that makes hundreds and thousands of dollars each year if you ask me.

Defective Products

Even though their products are original, that doesn’t stop them from being defective. There may be flaws in their packaging or the bottle may be half empty, or other fallacies that might annoy you.

However, these would seem negligible compared to the authenticity of the product they are providing, where their scent is as good as any original. 

Returns And Refunds

 If you’re still having issues with the perfume you ordered then you can easily ask for a return or change of the product by calling the company on multiple numbers they have provided on their websites.

The return and refund procedures aren’t that complex, however, they do take a long time to respond. They accept returns only if their product is unopened and unused, which seems fair since this can drop their product’s value to a dead end. 

Things To Keep In Mind

You might want to order testers and samples of products that you’re not quite sure prior to buying the actual perfume. 

Fragrancenet also doesn’t offer refunds on anything other than perfume, so choose wisely before buying any other product you are tempted to buy since there is a wide variety to choose from.


All in all, customers have given a good rating to the online perfume retailer, where they have been impressed by the authenticity of the product.

Because at the end of the day when your product is up to the mark, without asking for loads of money, then it’s mostly worth it.

Some may say that their prices are overrated. There is not much difference in the prices available at 

Fragrancenet than other online perfume retail websites, where they are available at much cheaper rates and with much better quality. 

However, there is no denying the authenticity of Fragrancenet products even if their customer service might prove to be annoying at times.


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