Other than the fact that Yeezy is Kanye West’s (known as Ye now) founded the brand, this is a one hot spot footwear brand out there.

Yeezy is a known collaboration product between the sportswear wear company called Adidas and the rapper, entrepreneur, designer, and social media personality Kanye West. 

This collaboration was not only able to make a huge influence because of the rapper but also due to high-quality limited edition colorways. There are also general releases by the brand is the Yeezy sneakers lineup – boost edition. 

Is Yeezy A Luxury Brand?

On the surface, the brand is known for its signature style. The brand holds a story of a black man’s triumph that took the fashion industry by storm. T

his was the best response to the industry calling the rappers’ pursuits absurd that later on turned color palettes, designs, and patterns into the fashion statement that it is now. 

The retail price of Yeezy sneakers starts from 150 dollars so definitely the brand is not cheap. But you won’t really define it as a high-end luxury for many sneakerheads out there. 

If you want to buy these sneakers it mainly depends on the parameters of luxury you set for yourself. 

Compared to other outlet trainers like the Adidas Ultra Boost and Air Max 90s, Yeezy is almost priced the same.

If you put them against the ultimate luxury brands like Alexander McQueen or Balenciaga then definitely Yeezy is much more affordable and not a luxury to be precise. 

It is a designer sport-footwear brand but definitely something you can splurge on at the launch of a new collection. 

Why Are Yeezys So Expensive?

For starters, people asking why Yeezys are so expensive are not necessarily talking about their retail prices of them. Yeezys are always limited as it is literally ingrained into the model of it. 

Due to the limited availability of the sneakers, they are always available at secondary prices which can always fluctuate without telling. So the reason why Yeezys are expensive for some people is because of the availability factor. 

Like if there are 10,000 people interested in the new launch of Yeezy, the brand would on purpose cap the pairs available. This means that for 10,000 people that would do the purchase, the number of pairs available would be 9000. 

This makes them not only limited edition but also expensive to get every time you buy them. 

Yeezys still aren’t that expensive because you only pay more for a specific launch that tends to run out quickly as compared to other sneakers Yeezy sells in general. 

The slick marketing, attractive design, and not to mention Kanye West’s design hold make everyone believe that Yeezys are cool. 

Does Kanye Design Yeezy Sneakers?

That is actually true that Kanye designed Yeezy sneakers to this date. He is the creative head of the mainstream sneaker brand. He has complete creative freedom over the designs the public sees by the brand. 

People buying Yeezys and being influenced by it with every launch has a lot to do with the creative head, Kanye’s influence. Kanye has literally changed the meaning of cool for so many people of the millennial age. Not only is he the best rapper of all time but has some iconic and creative moments throughout his life. 

His marriage to Kim Kardashian definitely elevated the entire game. 

From interning at the famous brand Fendi to making a statement brand Yeezy, the rapper has dominated all there is. This can be easily said that Kanye is a cultural phenomenon and to get that cool, people are definitely crazy interested in every Yeezy sneaker there is. 

What Does Yeezy Stand For?

Kanye West chose the name Yeezus for himself as “God Of Rap”. This derived the inspiration behind naming the sneakers brand Yeezy which we all know is super cool. 

Kanye is said to be in a contract with Adidas to be the creative head for 10 years. The contract will be or won’t be renewed in 2026. 

Yeezys definitely took the fashion industry by storm and the fact that social influencers like Kim Kardashian and many other noticeable names still endorse it makes it the highlight every single time and season. 

It is not surprising at all that people would just buy Yeezys because they are cool because as a matter of fact, they are. 

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