FragranceX and FragranceNet are regarded as the most popular fragrance retailers in the perfume industry.

They offer a wide range of perfumes from top brands in the world all at one place. 

Buying authentic perfumes is always a problem.

This is because of knockoffs and imitations that have become very common in the perfume business. 

People get sold such products in the name of authenticity and therefore get scammed.

Either this or the places which offer authentic fragrances are too expensive.

Many people are always in search of a good brand to purchase high end perfumes from that are also authentic.

However, they might not be aware of platforms that have all their favorite perfumes in one place. 

If you’re one of these curious people, then don’t worry as I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the differences between the retail stores, FragranceX and FragranceNet. 

So let’s dive right in!

Does FragranceNet sell fake Perfume? 

According to their “About Us” page on the website, FragranceNet claims to sell hundred percent original products from all the brands showcased on their website. 

They claim that they only carry genuine brand perfumes, colognes, and other beauty products and do not have any imitations or knock-offs available.

This brand came into existence in 1997 and claims to have shipped over 30 million packages.

The brand has sold approximately $2.5 billion worth of beauty products. 

They offer such a wide range of products and carry 40,000 genuine brands. FragranceNet has also managed to score an A+ rating from the better business bureau.

The retailer provides a guarantee that they don’t sell any imitations and also claims that they don’t manufacture any products which they carry. 

They’re simply a platform for selling beauty products and fragrances from other well known brands. 

However, the reason why people have a hard time trusting this retailer for authentic products is because while they do provide a claim, they do not validate it by providing any certification. 

Any proof would be sufficient enough to show that the products are authentic. However, failure to do so leads to the mistrust created. 

Another reason why people do not trust them to sell original products is because the brand came out with discounted prices. We all know how expensive beauty products and fragrances can be! 

Therefore, by offering the same products at such low prices, people doubted whether it is a reliable brand or not.

Although it should be noted that the brand wouldn’t sell fake perfumes, because if they did, then it would’ve been difficult for them to survive all these years. 

It’s been running since 1997 and since then they could’ve been busted for selling counterfeit products. However, they are still in the running and therefore legitimate!

Can I trust FragranceX com?

FragranceX is an online retail shop that offers perfumes at a cheap rate. It was founded in 2001 and has gradually become the world’s largest fragrance outlet.

They carry over 10,000 brand-name authentic products. They offer everything, from new releases to classic favorites. They provide all this at discount prices which is amazing! 

The brand claims that because they have the largest warehouses in the world, it allows them to buy products in large quantities. They have a fast shipping process. 

If you visit their website, you can find customer testimonials and over 20,000 positive reviews. All these testimonies are proof that the brand can be trusted. 

They also have a five star customer rating! People seem to love the perfumes and other products which they offer. 

In my opinion, FragranceX is a trustworthy retail store because they’ve been running since 2001 and are actually known for selling all authentic products. 

They are also pretty transparent about their practices and provide information on ways to contact them if needed. You can do so in multiple ways: emails, phone numbers, and postal addresses are all up to date. 

Moreover, they’ve also received great feedback on their customer service department being friendly and efficient. 

Additionally, the retail store offers a safe shopping guarantee. They’re willing to provide a full refund to any customers who are dissatisfied with their purchase.

This is because they care about their image and want to be the best store for everybody. Hence, it can be concluded that FragranceX is a trustworthy company!

Is FragranceNet a real or fake website? 

Yes, FragranceNet is a real website and it’s completely legitimate! The brand is an online retailer which sells genuine products from top quality brands and has also been rated by the better business bureau.

The reason why people have a hard time trusting this brand is because of the extremely cheap prices. They think that if the website sells authentic products, then how come it’s this cheap? 

Well, there are a number of reasons for them to offer discount prices. Firstly, the retailer is part of the Gray perfume market. 

This is a marketplace where people can legally buy and sell perfumes outside regular channels. Such marketplaces offer larger discounts overall. This doesn’t mean that the products they offer are fake. They are 100% legit! 

Moreover, mostly all products that FragranceNet sells are overruns. Overruns are those items that have a few defects, barely noticeable. 

For instance, a cap that doesn’t fit as tightly. This is the reason why these perfumes are available at such a cheap price. 

FragranceNet is considered to be the most reliable retail store today. The website has several reviews on sites like eBay and Amazon. 

The company deals in the most luxurious perfumes and can be trusted!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you had to choose between the two companies, then I’d say go for FragranceNet. This is because it has better reviews and provides sufficient information to be trusted as a company. 

Furthermore, it also carries more than 40,000 brand-name perfumes and beauty products. Whereas, FragranceX only carries about 10,000. FragranceNet is also much cheaper as compared to FragranceX. 

Although, this in no way implies that FragranceX isn’t a legitimate company. They’re also really good and reliable. 

FragranceX is known for offering a collection that can’t be found on FragranceNet. Plus they have free shipping worldwide!


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