We all know how covid hit the perfume market, and the supply of perfume from Gulf countries was heavily affected.

Due to the unavailability of supply, the demand and, subsequently, the prices of perfumes also skyrocketed.

This made it extremely difficult for store owners to get a reasonable number of purchases.

However, now the situation has changed, and the supply of high-quality perfumes is back on track, and many vendors are willing to sell cheaply in bulk.

In this article, we shall be listing some of the top wholesalers from which you can order perfume shipments at very reasonable prices.

1. Romantic Palace Perfumes LLC

Romantic Palace Perfumes have a very wide range of Perfumes available for distributors to choose from.

Plus, they make sure that whatever they supply is of the utmost high quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

The perfumes being sold on their website are from all major brands and cater to not only men’s but women’s scents as well. This makes it easy for them to be a one-stop solution to fulfill all your perfume demands.

Visit their site https://www.romanticperfumesdubai.com/ to see their latest listings.

Else they can be found at 75/76, Al Attar Shopping Mall, Karama, Dubai.

2. Wemena

Wemena is also a wholesale supply option that is loved by distributors for its quality and excellent reliability.

It is an online marketplace dedicated to the purchase of wholesale perfume products.

You can find many quality perfumes from all major selling brands being supplied from Dubai, UAE, here.

Apart from their lengthy collection, they especially specialize in supplying a diverse collection of perfumes to their many clients present around the world.

Check out their site www.wemena.com to learn more about their products and order!

They can also be contacted at 101, Dubai Wholesale Plaza, Murshid Bazaar, Deira, Dubai.

3. Al Tamy General Trading

Al Tamy, like the other vendors, has a long history and experience in supplying perfumes in Dubai-based retail shops and to distributors abroad as well.

They treat each client professionally and have an interesting range of products for purchase.

In the perfume collection, they not only sell regular perfumes but sell high-quality expensive colognes too!

This, combined with their secure customer support, makes them unique.

Al Tamy’s website altamy.com will be enough to answer your queries and place an order too!

Do check out their other products, too, if you are interested in other accessories like lighters and eyewear.

4. Ajmal International Trading Co. LLC

Late Haji Ajmal’s Perfume brand, which started from very humble beginnings in India back in the 1950s, has now become a renowned world-class perfume brand.

Their wholesale game is top-notch as they manufacture around 100k bottles every day in their numerous manufacturing units.

They are the perfect vendors to get perfume shipments from Dubai.

They have a really nice site https://www.ajmalperfume.com/ where you can learn more about their business ideology, their vision, and also their products.

Else they can be individually contacted at PO Box 8809, One By Omniyat, 27th Floor Business Bay, Dubai, UAE, during working hours.

5. Jasar FZE

Jasar is another committed and reliable perfume wholesaler based in Dubai that ships perfumes to many countries around the globe.

Jasar FZE also has a very diverse product range which they supply as wholesalers.

Their brand list includes: Paco Rabanne, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermès, DKNY, Chopard, Hugo Boss, Armani, Clinique, Cartier, Issey, Miyake, Gucci, JOOP!, Cacharel, Azzaro, Lacoste, Lancôme, Burberry, Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Calvin Klein, Estée Lauder, Kenzo, Davidoff, Nina Ricci, Nikos, Lanvin, Guerlain and many more.

Their brand information and order-related queries are present on their website https://jasar.ae/ so make sure to check it out!

6. Abdo Othman Trading Co. (L.L.C)

Abdo Othman is a traditional and experienced perfume wholesaler and retailer based in Dubai.

They, too, are one of the leading names in the country when it comes to Perfume wholesale across the border and within the country at the most reasonable rates for their clients.

The brand believes that high-quality perfumes should be easily accessible to everyone regardless of their background, which is why they strive to sell the highest quality perfumes at affordable prices.

They can be contacted at either their phone number, which is +97142248388, or their email, [email protected], to place orders and also to inquire about pricing and the availability of your desired perfume shipment.

7. Abdul Rahman Al Awadi Trading

Abdul Rahman Al Awadi is a notable wholesaler brand in Dubai that can be trusted to meet your perfume demands not only in terms of quality but also in terms of packaging and on-time undamaged delivery of your shipment.

They specialize in Dubai-based perfume brands, but other brands can also be made available as per the client’s needs. This proves how committed the company is to serving.

They can be reached at their phone number, which is +97142268212, or their email, [email protected], not only to place orders but for consultation purposes as well.

8. Abdulla Yahya Trading

Abdullah Yahya is a recently started family wholesale business where they supply various products, including perfumes, to their clients not only in Dubai but all over the UAE.

They supply a very diverse collection of both men’s and women’s perfume that meets the quality of International market standards, making them a reputable wholesale brand that can be trusted for its reliability.

The Brand started from very humble roots but is slowly and gradually picking up momentum to increase its business range and capitalize on the ever-growing export demands from wholesalers around the world.

And surely, the company does not disappoint as it supplies the shipments on time that too at a much lower price compared to the general market prices.

Unfortunately, this small company can only be reached on their number +97142259518 currently, but they are working to scale up their services and launch a nice website for their increasing customers.


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