On jewelry, there are different hallmarks and stamps that indicate the quality and origin of the piece. When purchasing jewelry, it is critical to understand the metal quality and to be able to identify the stamps and hallmarks on each piece.

If you want to buy jewelry, understanding what to look for in terms of stamps, hallmarks, and other things may make it a lot easier.

So, have you ever heard of the term PAT? You have certainly heard of it, but you might not know what it means. Let us look at what the term PAT means on jewelry and what it really implies on 14K gold ring and silver jewelry.

What Does PAT Mean on Jewelry?

PAT is an abbreviation for patent. It refers to the right provided to anybody who invents a new and useful object of manufacture. PAT on jewelry truly stands for patent pending. When jewelry designs could not be copyrighted, jewelry patents were prevalent. 

A design patent protects the appearance of a produced object but not its functionality or composition. Patent protection can help businesses secure their intellectual property over an original design.

A jewelry design must be implemented in an actual product to be patentable. The aesthetic look of the design, such as the decorative feature of an item of jewelry, is protected by patenting the design of a jewelry product.

What Does 14K PAT Mean on a Ring? 

If the ring has PAT 14K stamped on it, it simply means that the ring is a 14-karat gold patent. 14K gold comprises only 58.3 % pure gold.

Additional metals such as copper, zinc, silver, and nickel make up the remaining 41.7 % of it. 14K provides an excellent balance of purity and durability. 

It is something you may use regularly. It is also a great choice for intricate items, such as exquisite engagement rings that require a sturdy band to keep the diamond in place.

A 14K ring patent provides legal protection for the distinctive aesthetic attributes of the ring, which means it is essentially comparable to the actual 14K ring but has the protection of a design patent and may not be produced, duplicated, or used.

What Does Silver PAT Mean?

When a piece of jewelry is a patent of silver, it is commonly branded with PAT Silver, whereas it is stamped with sterling PAT d when it is a patent of sterling silver.

When purchasing silver jewelry, we generally have the choice between pure silver and sterling silver. Sterling silver is a silver alloy that contains 92.5 % silver by weight and 7.5 % additional metals, generally copper.

While pure silver has 99.9% silver, the metal is attractive in this condition and has negligible tarnish, but it is often too soft and malleable. As a result, sterling silver is a suitable choice.


PAT imprinted on any 14K, or silver jewelry item mainly alludes to the fact that the jewelry is patent protected. A jewelry patent protects an invention’s appearance and feel.

The firm responsible for designing a jewelry item must file a patent application with the government and acquire a patent, which is a legal notice that only the company is permitted to manufacture a specific design.

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