Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver and other metals such as copper.

Standard sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and is marked as 925 Silver.

Sterling silver is preferred over pure silver for jewelry making because of its increased hardness.

Due to its lightweight and durability, sterling silver is most commonly used in jewelry, especially rings that are worn very often.

Sterling silver is most widely used to make rings and bracelets for men. It is often used to make engagement rings embellished with gemstones or semi-precious stones.

It is also used to make rings, necklaces, and bracelets for women.

Sometimes, sterling silver is decorated with pure silver to give a richer look.

The addition of copper to silver increases its durability and hardness, therefore, increasing the lifetime of the jewelry. It is also often coated with rhodium to make it tarnish-resistant.

It is a trendy fashion amongst men and women to wear silver rings with colored gemstones to match their outfits.

There are many brands with varieties of sterling silver jewelry in the US market. Some of the leading wholesalers of sterling silver rings are mentioned in this article.

The Welman Group

The Welman Group is a well-known distributor of sterling silver jewelry based in Bethesda, Maryland.

They started the business 35 years ago and have grown to become the leading wholesalers of sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry pieces in Maryland.

Although being in the business for so long, they do not have a showroom, and all their orders are delivered directly to their customers within 2 to 3 working days.

As they are wholesalers, they do not accept any orders below $100.

They have a wide variety of jewelry items in sterling silver, including rings, toe rings, earrings, ear cuffs, pendants, bracelets, etc.

They proudly collaborate with retailers across the US to sell their products.

They do have some business policies before they start a venture.

To view their policies and select your order, visit their website at: or contact their office at their provided telephone number: 1-301-907-7916

Esprit Creations

Specializing in sterling silver gemstone jewelry, Esprit was started by a family of Gemologists in 1993.

Their jewelry is designed and manufactured in-house and made from the finest gemstones sourced from different parts of the world.

At Esprit Creations, great importance is given to the quality and uniqueness of their products. The owners travel to different parts of the world to discover new ideas and manufacture culturally inspired jewelry.

They have one of the most extensive collections of sterling silver rings in the USA.

Different designs embellished with the gemstones of the customer’s choice are available. They have almost 600 different designs of rings with a continuous addition to their collection every week.

Rings with Moonstones and Labradorite, which are sourced from India, are the most famous products by Esprit Creations.

They pride themselves on using nickel-free silver only.

The leading jewelry stores in the USA order jewelry made by Esprit Creations due to their stand-out quality and excellent customer service.

They require a minimum order of $300 at least to be able to supply to retailers in bulk quantity. They do not make deliveries for small orders or single pieces.

To order for your stores, contact them through their website at:

REO Company

REO has been a wholesaler of sterling silver jewelry in America since 1966.

Now set up online as well, they are one of the largest sterling silver jewelry suppliers in the USA.

This company is well known for its high quality and great customer service. It is trusted by a lot of jewelry retailers across the country.

They work on flexible business terms, and unlike other wholesalers of sterling silver, REO Company requires a minimum order of $50 to wholesale their items.

This makes it easier for newcomers in the market to start their businesses.

All of their sterling silver is 925 certified and has high quality.

In sterling silver rings, they specialize in rings with engraved writings. You can also make customized orders which are mostly sold as gift items by retailers.

Apart from rings, they also have a variety of other jewelry items like pendants, necklaces, chains, and earrings.

They are located in Texas, and all their orders are shipped from there. Orders are delivered within 2 to 3 working days.

In case of any damage, the company takes full responsibility and guarantees a full refund within four weeks.

You can also return your order within 14 days of delivery.

Office Address: REO Company, 1169 N Burleson Blvd, Ste 107-257, Burleson, TX 76028


Custom Fashion Jewels

Custom Fashion Jewels are currently America’s #1 jewelry manufacturer.

Due to the unique craftsmanship, quality, and durability of their products, they are trusted by retailers in America more than any other wholesale brand.

Their aim is to satisfy all customers by offering the best quality, on-time delivery, and at the best prices.

It is a high-volume capacity manufacturer that can also cater to smaller-scale productions.

Each and every piece of their production is checked by the quality control team to ensure satisfied customers.

They have a vertically integrated system which makes it easier for them to be precise and efficient in delivering orders.

They have a wide variety of sterling silver rings which include gold plated sterling rings, twisted wire bond rings, hammered band rings, and many others available on their website.

They require a minimum of 200 pieces per design order to start wholesale supplies.

To view their collections and order, visit

Address: 18017 Chatsworth Street, Suite 115, Granada Hills, Ca 91344


Teeda is located a few miles from Downtown Los Angeles. It is one of the first wholesalers of sterling silver that started selling directly to retailers through the internet.

Their collection of sterling silver is selectively imported from different parts of the world and stocked at their warehouse in LA.

All trendy designs and the latest styles are found in their collections.

One thing that puts Teeda ahead of its competitors is that it delivers its orders faster than any other company in its line of work. That is, they deliver on the same working day as of placement of the order.

Due to their quality of work and excellent customer service, their customers stay loyal to them, and that’s why Teeda has one of the most extensive customer bases in the country.

They have the finest 925 sterling silver rings available in stock. They have sterling rings in different styles, including bridal rings and vintage-style rings.

Their rings are adorned with black onyx, cubic zirconia, and more. Volume discounts are also available on their website.


Silver Forte

Silver Forte is a well-known brand for wholesale sterling silver jewelry in America.

It has sterling silver items for men, women, and children in its collection.

It is a one-stop wholesale shop for sterling silver where you can find a variety of silver jewelry, be it trendy designs for millennials or subtle sets for the aged.

Silver Forte imports sterling silver jewelry from some of the top brands in the business and brings them all under one roof.

Since there are only branded sterling silver items available, there is no doubt about the quality of products that Silver Forte offers.

They have a fine collection of sterling silver rings, also viewable on their website.

They have birthstone rings, cocktail rings, cubic zirconia, twisted blade rings, toe rings, and wedding rings available to offer.

They also have a special section of sterling silver rings for men, most of which include gifts for father’s day and other such occasions.

To see their items, visit their website:

To schedule a meeting, contact:+1 213-266-8882

Address: 640 S Hill St # J-23, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Sidney Imports

Sidney Imports is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of sterling silver in the USA.

Sidney Imports offers sterling silver jewelry, mainly rings, at the most competitive rates in the US market.

It has more than 15,000 items of sterling silver in its stock, with hundreds of new designs added every week.

When it comes to sterling silver jewelry, Sidney Imports are among the largest wholesalers, with the most popular designs of 925 sterling silver available for retailers.

They offer more unique sterling silver rings than any other wholesaler. Some of the ring styles found at their store are only available at Sidney Imports and no other brand.

Their collection includes Claddagh rings, religious rings, waverings, infinity rings, men’s rings, and many more.

Minimum order of $100 is required for wholesalers. Additional discounts are given on orders above $500.

They also have wonderful customer service, just like any other high-quality brand.

If the customers are unsatisfied with their order, they can return the unused items and claim a refund without any questions asked.


Address: 1118 Coiner Ct, City of Industry, California.


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