Korea is located in East Asia and has a developed economy along with distinctive cultural standing in the world.

The culture of using jewelry made from gold, silver, and gems like jade, amber, and pearls, is centuries old in Korea.

Korea has always been known to use its own resources of these minerals for making jewelry and other items.

Jewelry like earrings and necklaces made from metals and precious stones or gems are a symbol of social identification and religious aspirations for Koreans.

Certain pieces of Korean Jewelry like The gold crown of Silla, are famous all over the world for their unique and meaningful designs.

One of the most famous pieces of Korean Jewelry is the Korean earrings also known as Chrestomathy.

These are earring pendants made of gold and gilded bronze which represent the Silla period of Korean history.

Due to their unique designs and style of making, Korean earrings are famous worldwide, and they are high in demand overseas as well.

The USA is the most culturally diverse country, hence there is a huge demand for Korean jewelry, especially earrings, in the US market.

Some of the leading suppliers of Korean earrings in the US are mentioned below.

Singoli Jewelry Co. Ltd.

Singoli Jewelry is a company based in China that has been exporting jewelry all around the globe for the last ten years.

Their production takes place in Yiwu city, China, and operates according to the ISO 9001 quality standards.

They produce necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for export.

50% of their products are imported by companies in the US market.

They also manufacture Korean earrings that are exported to America in high quantities.

The 925 sterling silver Korean diamond hoop earrings and the long asymmetrical earrings are their most sold articles in the Korean earring category.

They have made a good reputation in the US market for reliable quality and timely shipment at reasonable prices.

You can contact Singoli Co. through https://singoli.en.alibaba.com/.

BlueStone Import & Export Corporation

BlueStone was established in 2006 in Zhejiang, China. Specializing in fashion jewelry, they are wholesale suppliers to more than 5000 buyers worldwide.

They supply Korean jewelry to e-commerce stores and retailers in the US market as well, with 25% of their products exported to Northern America.

Their stand-out quality is that they manufacture jewelry according to the fashion trends in the country they export it to. This makes them front runners in any market overseas.

They deliver on time and at competitive prices with new products every week, which gives them a strong customer base in the US.

Korean earrings by BlueStone include many designs like the Korean Zircon style and the Korean square rings.

To view their collection and to place your order, visit: https://blue-stone.en.alibaba.com/.

Xuping Jewelry

A famous brand for imitation jewelry based in Guangxi, China, Xuping has combined development, production, and wholesale under one roof.

Most products by Xuping Jewelry are made of copper alloy, plated with rhodium or gold.

They manufacture earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and complete jewelry sets for export.

They are also one of the largest exporters of Korean earrings in the USA.

Stainless Steel Korean earrings and 24k gold & crystal Korean zircon earrings are the most exported items in the USA.

Their products are mostly imported by budget brands that mostly sell artificial jewelry and generally have more customers than authentic jewelry brands.

Their products are trusted widely by retailers in America and hence a large percentage of the items made by Xuping Jewelers are exported to the USA.

To view their wide collection and order, contact them through xupingdubai.en.alibaba.com/

Sky will Import & Export.

Sky will company was established in 2017 and is located in Yiwu City, China.

Their team has a great understanding of international business and with their knowledge, they have captured a big market in the USA to a great extent.

They are one of the leading exporters of Korean jewelry to America with around 60% of their products being sent there.

They have one of the widest collections of Korean earrings in their inventory.

It includes double-flowered Korean earrings, alloy-made Korean round earrings, geometric Korean earrings, and much more.

They have a strong logistic network that ensures timely delivery overseas and with their quality of products, there is no doubt in trusting them for your desired Korean jewelry items.

Their repeat customers are proof of their high-quality products and services.

Visit skywillfashion.en.alibaba.com/ to contact and place your order.

LVSA Jewelry

This is another China-based exporter that has one of the largest customer bases of Korean jewelry in North America.

Their business operations are technologically very advanced making sure that there are no compromises made on products, services, and facilities.

They cater to all orders, small or large, never letting their customer leave empty-handed.

They specialize in all jewelry accessories, especially Korean jewelry items including Korean-styled earrings.

They started their business in 2015, and due to their extraordinary services and premium quality products, more than 60% of US-based retailers in Korean earrings and other Korean jewelry, source their items from LVSA Jewelry.

With such a large customer base, more than 90% of their customers give them a 5-star rating for their excellent customer service and extraordinary product quality.

Due to the high demand, LVSA manufactures the largest varieties of Korean earrings and is one largest exporter of these products worldwide.

The most popular types of Korean earrings made by LVSA are 925 silver needle-plated Korean earrings, flower-shaped Korean earrings, and Spangle-plated gold 925 Needle Korean earrings.

It also has a great customer base in Northern and Western Europe apart from the US.

To see their company details and order online, visit: https://lvsa.en.alibaba.com/


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