Looking to start your own jewellery or gemstone business?

Need gemstones in wholesale to get started?

Well, this article is perfect since we will discuss seven wholesale gemstone suppliers in Australia!

Simply Gems

Simply Gems are, you know, simply gems. Gems, wholesale tumbled stones, Merkaba, pyramids, fossils, natural clusters, crystal spheres. They are all handpicked with the best prices.

The weird, unusual, unique items — all are offered here. Pendulums, healing wands, tiger eye, agate, bloodstone, aventurine, obelisks, you name it they have it.

Even if you are not from Australia, that does not shift their spirits. They deliver worldwide! So if you are a business in need of incredible collections of gems, hit up Simply Gems!

02 8630 8072

Website: www.simplygems.com.au

Address: Unit 8/33 Holbeche Road Arndell Park, NSW 2148


Silverstone has a lot of genuine jewels that have been mined from deep down. Each hue and type has its own distinct meaning and function.

Many of your clients will be seeking a certain stone, and you’ll be able to provide them with a wide variety because of Silverstone.

Don’t be hesitant to contact Silverstone; their customer service is very nice and understanding. Enjoy their offers and exclusive collections to have a taste of their eliteness — especially their bead bracelets. Those you have got to have.

+61 2 6684 1444

Website: www.silverstone.com.au

Address: 66 Ricky Way Epping VIC 3076 Australia

SDK Stones

SDK Stones has earned a reputation as the most reliable source in Sydney and beyond. Shanaka founded the company in 2013 after his enthusiasm for gemstones inspired him to pursue a career in the field.

SDK is now one of Sydney’s top suppliers, providing high-quality exotic as well as semi-precious gemstones at market-leading pricing. They solely sell stones in bulks to the jewellery industry.

(02) 9262 9608

Website: www.sdkgemstones.com.au

Address: Suite 410, 250 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Torres Jewels Co.

Torres Jewel Co. Diamonds provides retail diamond wedding rings, separate diamonds (of fancy colours too) and other precious, rare ones.

Their gigantic collection of loose diamonds, sapphires, rubies, aquamarines and custom gemstones are available online, along with that exclusive jewellery stuff that is so well-known for, such as the rings of Earth’s most precious metals.

(03) 9602 2223, 1800 615 818

Website: www.torresjewelco.com.au

Address: 343 Little Collins St, Suite 610, Level 6, MEL, Vicotoria 3000, AUS

Lane Gems & Jewellery

They have unrivalled access to key markets to obtain their completely certified inventory of diamonds, natural and unheated rubies, sapphires, aquamarine, pearls, and other precious stones, thanks to their rich heritage history and long-established international contacts.

Their clientele is pretty satisfied with their service, too. Many have promised to come back to shop there (right after they get done with the show-and-tell with their friends.)

+61 2 9235 2900 | [email protected]

Website: www.lanegems.com.au

Address: Suite 8a, Level 9, 428 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

Aus Crystals

Aus Crystals have a large selection of stunning precious metals that include sterling silver, crystal and gemstones.

You can get the purest crystal and gem items of the world’s greatest suppliers since you’re purchasing from a trustworthy crystal wholesaler with almost twenty years of expertise.

Also available for you is jewellery in a variety of crystals, including rose quartz, blue sandstone, goldstone, lava beads, calcite, fluorite, and others.

(03) 8361 7222

Website: www.auscrystals.com.au

Address: 7/94 Eucumbene Drive. Ravenhall VIC 3023

The Gemstone Trading Company

The Gemstone Trading Company is a fast-growing company with significant links to worldwide mining and cutting operations.

They are situated in Sydney, an economic powerhouse — this helps them collect all sorts of gems from around the world, cost-effectively.

Gemstones that will leave you wanting more (their variety of collections is superb) — so check them out!

+61 (2) 9299 0031 | [email protected]

Website: www.gemstonetradingco.com

Address: Gemstone Trading Co Suite 416 / Level 4 King George Chambers 375 George St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia


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