Otrium is an Amsterdam-based clothing company established by Max and Milan in 2015.

Shortly after they graduated, Max and Milan started this business, which is an online clothing store/market that offers brands’ old, unsold, and unworn clothes collections at discounted prices.

In this article, we’ll cover all that you need to know about “Otrium.”

What is the purpose of Otrium? Whether Otrium is genuine or not? How does Otrium make money? And other few things that you need to know about this infamous brand.

About The Company

The company has about 600,000 customers and about 270 employees and offices in three cities: Amsterdam, London, and New York.

Several brands’ overstock items are sent to Otrium’s warehouse from where they are shipped to customers.

Brands like Puma, Pepe Jeans, G-Star, Vans, and Scotch & Soda are among the companies that work with Otrium.

What Is The Purpose Of Otrium?

In this modern age, where fast fashion has become so popular, many fashion brands are forced to create new styles and designs at a faster rate.

This means that more clothes are produced than are sold, resulting in unsold clothing items.

Most brands choose to burn these items while others discard them in landfills. This is highly unethical and unsustainable since it harms the environment.

To highlight the problem, at the end of the selling season, almost 10 percent of most companies’ stock remains unsold, and that’s where Max and Milan claim that they have discovered something huge for the clothing industry, for both suppliers and buyers.

By signing up with their company Otrium, suppliers can get rid of their unwanted items.

While there are stock buyers and flash sales that solve the problem, brands are often unwilling to sell their unsold merch due to the reason that they get extremely low prices for their unsold stock if they sell it in the flash sale.

Otrium, on the other hand, says that they offer up to three times more than a stock buyer and twice more than a flash sale for the brands’ excess stocks.

Customers may have a great opportunity to own branded clothes at such a low price, while brands can make more revenue out of their old and unsold stock. Win-win for everyone, and Otrium helps everyone triumph here!

Brands need to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers in the fashion industry, where fashion reflects your personality, your style, and who you are.

And that relationship is exactly what is valued by Otrium, making it a go-to brand for customers and brands alike!

How Does Otrium Make Money?

There are two ways in which Otrium makes such big money.

Firstly, by imposing commissions on effective transactions.

And secondly, by providing full supply-chain facilities, which means that most of the items they sell are physically stored in Otrium’s distribution centers.

This eliminates the shipping cost, and they do not have to pay a third party for the handling and distribution of their items.

Otrium received an $8 million Series A Round in the year 2019, bringing up the total equity investment to almost $37 million.

Later in May 2022, Otrium stated that they raised €24 million in Series B Round.

Is Otrium A Genuine Company?

We may conclude from Otrium’s customer reviews that the company is safe, honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

They sell their products by the law without causing any problems.

Let’s take a peek at some positive feedback received by some regular customers who shop at Otrium:

  1. “I’ve only had good experiences with Otrium, always good quality.”
  2. “Satisfied, very much on time, and the products are first quality.”
  3. “Overall good customer service and online user experience. Would have been better if their update is automatically on the delivery tracking”.
  4. “Near perfect! Overall good service and great selection with huge discounts”.
  5. “No extra charges, great customer service.”
  6. “There are several options, the quality is awesome. Plus, easy return/refund options. Really good! I recommend it for sure”.
  7. “Super service! From selecting the product to the quick delivery, all super transparent and well informed”.
  8. “I am very happy with the prices and quality of the sneakers I have purchased.”
  9. “Super fast delivery; I’m delighted with the order, very well packaged, and got a very beautiful dress.”
  10. “I bought it several times by Otrium, and I have to say that the prices are fantastic. You get branded clothes for really affordable prices; I can blindly recommend it”.

Otrium’s Policies

All orders placed at Otrium within the United States receive free shipping. It’ll take 2-3 business days for them to deliver your order.

Except for Hawaii, Alaska, and the Island States, Otrium now ships in all other states of the US.

Returns are free of cost, and you can return your order within 60 days of purchase.

Your item should not be worn or used, and if it’s in its original condition with attached tags, they will give you a full return.

If you wish to return any swimwear or underwear, note that it should have the hygiene tag intact, or else it won’t be accepted.

If you’d wish to exchange any item, kindly return your order and place a new order for a different size or color.

Final Verdict

We hope you found this article informative about “Otrium.” It uses this new approach to making apparel from your favorite brands so much more accessible and ten times more affordable! No more thrifting for clothes from your favorite brands. It’s time to go Otrium!


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