If you frequently walk into Jewelry stores or in general buy a lot of jewelry, you might have observed some weird symbols engraved inside of your trinkets.

These writings or symbols just do not make sense and have no job being there tainting your treasure.

Does this engravement mean that a curse has befallen the ring?

Is it a symbol of royalty?

Or just a boring brand name that’s printed there?

Often, it’s the latter.

But in some cases like the s925 print, there is an underlying meaning to the engravement.

Have you ever observed s925 imprinted on your ring?

You are probably here to find the meaning. Let us crack it down for you.

The meaning of S925:

S925 denotes the type and quality of metal used in making jewelry products.

It means that 92.5% of Sterling Silver has been used in the production of the jewelry; the rest is usually a trace amount of other elements.

Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver with a minute amount of other metals, mostly Copper.

If you spot an S925 mark on your gold jewelry, we might have some bad news for you. S925 is not used to mark gold; this means that your ring has a silver base and is gold-plated.

Is S925 worth anything?

Authentic Sterling Silver which contains pure silver in its 92.5% composition is quite valuable.

The prices of Sterling Silver jewelry vary quite a lot.

The cost of the piece depends primarily on the composition, followed by the design of the jewelry and the brand name associated with it.

The price of pure silver generally varies from $20-25 per Ounce or $0.7-$1 per Gram.

Will S925 turn your finger green?

In many cases, No. In some rare cases, the trace elements in Sterling Silver can react with a person’s body chemistry and give out green color.

How do I know if my S925 is the real deal?

Just judging by the looks, it is almost impossible to determine whether the silver jewelry is original or a dupe. Silver Plated jewelry is very identical to real one.

The best way to figure it out is to get it checked by a jeweler.

However, if you do not trust the merchant, we have some ways with which you can get an idea of the degree of authenticity.

  • The jewelry is stamped with an engraving of 925, S925, STER925.
  • Sterling Silver is not magnetic. Use a magnet to check if it sticks to the magnet device.
  • Sterling Silver leaves black marks when rubbed with a soft piece of cloth.

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