If you are one of those that just love wearing jewelry, you must have heard about PAJ Br. If yes, you must be wondering if they make real jewelry or fake ones. We are here to bring forth a clear picture for you. Keep reading.

BR actually refers to Beawar, Rajasthan.

The History of PAJ

PAJ makes BR jewelry. Beawar, Rajasthan is represented by the letter “BR.” Since 1976, Prime Art & Jewel (PAJ, Inc.) itself is honing the craft of producing jewelry that surpasses requirements of customers.

Let us talk about their incredible journey first. PAJ began almost four decades ago by delivering high-quality bridge jewelry to a booming market. PAJ now has an international footprint, with branches across the globe and over three thousand people, comprising major production and research and development plants in China.

This expansion is due to their modern production procedures, and also their dedication to providing exceptional workmanship, quality, and pricing. Their customers are one of the globe’s biggest merchants. They are indeed incredibly lucky to be amongst the sector’s strongest client networks.

Is PAJ Real Gold?

PAJ’s extensive product abilities include both traditional and modern styles. They make sterling silver, golden, titanium, as well as brass jewelry, and also authentic or otherwise manufactured gemstones, non-bridal diamonds, and cubic zirconia.

If you are not sure if they make real gold, try this quick test. Genuine gold would withstand a nitric acid procedure done at home.

To pierce the layer of either the gold, create a minute imprint upon that. Apply a little quantity of liquid nitric acid towards the cut then observe the chemical response.

False gold would instantly turn green in the presence of a strong acid.

PAJ delivers the most comprehensive spectrum of jewelry options production in the market, with such a broad variety of competencies, and significant experience in lost wax molding and pressing, including revolutionary electron forming innovation.

There are two huge plating plants. PAJ manufactures about two million jewelry pieces per month as well as distributes over four thousand parcels nearly every day.

Whenever it pertains to the extremely reliable worldwide spread of larger purchases and replenishing to every one of its merchants, they seem to be the gold benchmark of both the jewelry business.

It characterized bridge jewelry as items that “bridge” the divide among commercial and exquisite jewelry, commonly made of gold vermeil/gold filling and/or sterling silver as well as set with “semi-precious” stones.

PAJ is trusted by the globe’s leading merchants to develop and manufacture superb bridge jewelry. These designs are inspired by the elegance and craftsmanship of fine jewelry, but their concentration is on much more accessible gems.

They seem to be experts in any and all metals, including silver and gold, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, as well as others.

Its superior craftsmanship stretches to rock trimming and placement, including diamonds, gemstones, CZs, as well as opaque. Furthermore, they have always had the item historical evolution and professional skills required to design as well as construct technical models.

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