When you are buying a ring you might have noticed certain stamps like NV 8 inside the ring.  It is quite essential to have knowledge about such engravings before buying a ring. 

Why is it important to have information about the engraving inside the ring? It is crucial because stamps provide you with information about the ring that allows you to choose the right one. 

You might have noticed that on some rings NV 8 is mentioned but failed to understand its meaning. No need to get confused about the imprint because this article aims to provide detailed information and meaning behind NV 8 on the ring. 

What does NV 8 mean on the ring?

When you see an NV engraving on a ring it is an abbreviation for Nevada Silver Mine. It means that the rings are made of silver from Nevada Silver Mines. Along with NV if 8 is engraved on the ring then it means the size of the ring. 

Labels on the ring define the quality of the ring, the matter percentage used in the ring, and its size. NV on the rings means that solid alloys of silver are used but are not always 100% silver. NV engraved rings have 92.5% of sterling silver if it is stamped on the ring.

Nevada silver rings other than silver have a small percentage of silver alloys like copper. Silver alloys in rings provide durability. 

It allows manufacturers to mold them into various designs to create patterns and engravings. Otherwise, pure silver is quite soft and makes it hard for a jeweler to engrave designs on them.

What does the number 8 on the ring mean?

8 engraved on the ring is your ring size. According to the USA and Canadian ring size table, 8 is 18.2mm in diameter.

It is important to know about your ring size. Because it can help you to buy the ring online and choose the perfect size based on the numbers inside the ring.


Engravings on the ring might confuse you but it is necessary to keep yourself updated about it. Awareness about the stamps on the ring can assist you in buying quality rings for yourself.

NV engraved rings from Nevada Mines are a mixture of more than 90% silver and a small percentage of alloy to give it resilience.  While 8 on the ring is a ring size and its diameter can vary from country to country.

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