Gold jewelry always remains in demand, and people offer gold rings, chains, earrings, or other items as a token of love to their beloved ones. 

Gold jewelry contains marks or stamps such as HJ that are meant for two purposes. Firstly, they denote the makers’ identity, and secondly, they refer to the purity of gold in that item.

What does HJ 10K mean on a ring? 

HJ stands for Herff Jones- established as a huge class ring jewelry-making business in 1920. 

They boast of the honor for manufacturing some of the nation’s high-status recognition products such as the Spirit Award, the Naismith Award, robes, awards, and rings for numerous collegiate championships and Federal & state Supreme Court Justice.

10k on a ring denotes the measurement or value of gold used. K represents Karat which is the old measure for gold.

For example, 24K is pure gold, so 10 is divided by 24 which turns 0.4166 or 41.66%. It means it contains 41.7% fine gold content in the total weight of the ring.

On the whole, HJ 10 K represents the company logo along with the percentage of pure gold in the metal.

What does JA mean in jewelry?

JA refers to the manufacturers’ mark of James Avery Artisan Jewelry established in 1954 in Kerrville, Texas. James Avery is a family-owned company presenting fine-crafted jewelry designs in 14/ 18 karat gold, sterling silver, yellow/white gold, and gemstones.

What is a 10k class ring worth?

10K is undeniably a great deal. The difference between 10k and 14k is not as significant as between 18K and 24K. But when we compare 10k with 14k, it is incredibly less expensive and more durable than 14K. 

The price range of class rings varies from $11 to $22, as the majority of class rings are worth according to their weight. The value of the solid gold class ring is more valuable than gold-plated or silver-plated rings.

The cost of a 10K gold ring equals $25 per gram, depending on its weight. 10k ring weighing 5g is worth about $21.44/gram if the current cost of 24k gold is $51.45.


Inscribed marks on gold jewelry help people know the maker and gold composition in that item. 

HJ indicates Herff Jones- a manufacturer of premium quality robes and awards for high-class officials. JA denotes James Avery jewelry items dealing with gold, silver, and gemstones. 

10K class ring is usually underestimated, but it is more valuable than gold-plated or silver-plated jewelry, depending upon its weight.

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