Like many stamps, prints, or logos engraved on gold jewelry items, you may have come across JTC carved on rings or other accessories. They can mean differently according to the context of usage.

JTC can refer to JTC organization or Joint Technical Committee in Singapore, or it may symbolize Jewish Trust Corporation.

In this article, we aim at understanding the meaning of JTC when these are carved on rings or other jewelry items.

What does JTC mean on a ring?

The answer to this question seems quite tricky as it refers to various meanings. JTC stands for Jewelry Training Center according to

Stamps and marks are a common practice of displaying the maker’s logo or initials on gold jewelry items especially, inside rings. JTC marks on the rings denote Zales jewelers as these were used to inscribe on jewelry items sold in Zales and its associated stores.

The rings are usually stamped with JTC accompanied by other hallmarks like JTC 989, JTC 969, or 14K JTC. These marks refer to the karat weight in a particular piece of gold item.

What does JTC mean on jewelry?

The Zale Jewelry Corporation is a Wichita Falls, Texas-based jewelry company. 

It was initiated by a Russian immigrant, Morris Zale, in 1924 and has since elaborated to stand among the nation’s leading mall retail jewelry stores that deal with gold, platinum, silver, and other inexpensive metals.

JTC is a hallmark of Zale Jewelry Corporation which stands for Jewelry Trade Corporation, founded in 1968 and associated with Zales several years ago. 

JTC is a jewelry-making company since the initials JTC are commonly known as the sponsor mark, referring to the individual or firm who approved the piece for marking.

The description provided to the USPTO for JTC is gold jewelry, while the JTC trademark is gathered in line with the category of jewelry products.

Is 10k RL real gold?

RL in gold jewelry means Rolled Gold which refers to gold in the form of a thin coating applied to a baser metal like nickel, silver, or zinc by rolling. It is more valuable and durable than gold-plated items as they do not wear off or tarnish easily.

10K yellow gold is real gold because it has 41.7% pure gold in its mixture. 24 K is solid gold, and 10 karat gold denotes that it contains ten parts gold and 14 parts alloys with other metal compositions.

10 karat gold RL are all considered real gold materials, whether their color is yellow, rose gold, or white gold.


JTC refers to the maker’s mark, symbolizing Zale jewelry Corporation, which designs and manufactures gold, platinum, silver, and other inexpensive metals jewelry.

10K RL represents 10 karats rolled gold means strands of spinning gold on metals containing 10 parts pure gold out of 24 parts and 14 parts alloyed with other materials. It is more durable and valuable than silver-plated or gold-plated jewelry items.

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