Gold is the most common metal used to make jewelry items for weddings or events, especially in rings. 

Due to its paramount demand, there are chances of duplicate jewelry plated with fake gold. In that case, some hints, marks, or stamps can help you get genuine jewelry.

When you go to buy a gold ring, make sure you see there are marks or stamp carvings on it. These stamps are a guarantee for gold jewelry as they refer to the purity of gold in a particular piece of item.

GR on a ring refers to different things and can be complicated. The hallmarks are easy to answer after knowing where are they stamped? These marks are the statements of the manufacturer or the material used to make the ring.

Gr also demonstrates grains of gold mass in a ring that is equal to 0.065 grams (g) in gold mass. In addition to that, they also indicate the manufacturers’ identity or a company’s logo. 

Sometimes, a ring having a stamp GR on its inner side refers to Diamond Candle- a manufacturer in Thailand.

It also indicates that the ring is gold plated hence, avoiding your hand from turning green due to rust that appears on nickel or other material jewelry. 

What does 10K GR mean?

Gold is categorized into karat systems to define its purity. 24K is solid pure gold, but it is not desirable to use in making jewelry as it is very delicate and soft. You can bend it with your bare hands.

On the contrary, other materials like copper, nickel, or silver are alloyed with gold to give it durability. 10 k is a term used to specify the fineness of gold. A ring made of 10 K gold means it has less than 50% gold alloyed with other metals.

10K GR means that the ring is 10K gold plated, and the manufacturer has stamped their identity using GR after the gold composition in that ring. Although, it is affordable but not much desirable as it may increase your skin sensitivity due to irritation or allergy.


Due to the high demand for gold jewelry items, most manufacturers create duplicate articles that a novice cannot evaluate at first glance. Hence, manufacturers or companies use marks or stamps to reveal the authenticity of jewelry items.

GR is a stamp that symbolizes different meanings like manufacturers’ identity, grains of gold, or gram value. 10K GR refers to gold plating with manufacturers insignia based in Thailand.

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