If you haven’t heard of Urban Decay then maybe you don’t own the internet because it is literally everywhere. For beauty lovers and professional makeup artists, this brand has become a holy grail because of the best makeup products on the market. 

Founded in 1996, the makeup line started with nail polish and lipsticks and is now the most popular beauty brand around for more than two decades. Despite the growth and development, everyone has seen of this brand, it still lives up to the mantra “Beauty with an edge.” 

From lipstick to setting spray, you can find high-quality products here that are definitely considered a must-have for make-up lovers. The best part is that this brand is basically cruelty-free so looking beautiful doesn’t weigh on anyone’s conscious. 

Just like any other brand, this beauty brand also has its popular items along with the unpopular. Some products here are truly loved by all and some are just plain flat for beauty lovers. 

For example, the current foundations by the brand are called the All-Nighter Liquid Foundation and also Naked Skin Weightless Foundation. For many people, these foundations are dry and tend to make dry patches on the skin as well. 

And one of the most important reasons people are not a fan is because the shades in these tend to oxidize. This means that with the oxygen interaction on the skin the foundation would change color throughout the day. 

People with oily skin love this one and it is somewhat affordable as well since it is 40 bucks on Sephora and Ulta. 

Setting Spray by this beauty brand is by far the most loved and the best selling product there is. Whether it is the All Nighter or the Chill setting spray, these are a must-have for keeping your makeup on for a long, long time. 

These setting sprays are also a huge value for your money since you get to use them for a long time. Unless you are drenching your face in the mist every day, you’re going to be able to use this one for almost a year. 

With a 32 bucks price, you simply can’t go wrong with the Urban Decay setting sprays. The lip colors and the eyeshadow palettes are incredible here as well. 

Once you get them you would see how pigmented these are and without leaving any harsh lines on the surface you get the perfect pigmented eyeshadow and lip. The eyeshadows don’t have much fallout and the lip colors are super silky, creamy, and hydrating on the lips.

Is Urban Decay A Luxury Brand?

Other than manufacturing high-end and good-quality make-up products, Urban Decay is not considered a luxury brand. It is actually affordable for people and this is perfect since most cruelty-free make-up is not as affordable as this one is. 

You can get your favorite eyeshadow palettes without going broke with this one and with the huge variety this brand has, you definitely get to choose from a lot. 

Is Urban Decay A Good Brand?

So far Urban Decay is doing no wrong in the beauty industry and with the cruelty-free side of the products, it is definitely going to be worth your money. 

What Kind Of Makeup Is Considered High-end?

Makeup by brands like Chanel and Gucci is considered high-end. Good quality makeup is definitely a given, but these brands definitely put a lot of thought into the packaging and how it is being marketed. 

And since these brands are already high-end, you should definitely expect more and more high prices for everything being sold here. 

Is Urban Decay Worth The Price?

Yes, Urban Decay is definitely worth the price and worth getting added to your makeup collection. 

Urban Decay totally changed the eyeshadow back in the day. Compared to these days, in the 90s there were not that many make-up outlets that would sell some daring make-up for people to try. 

So this one basically sets the trends to look bold and beautiful and feel comfortable while doing it. There was no concept of glitter lipsticks and Urban Decay made it happen and that too for the mainstream make-up industry. 

Urban Decay has definitely been around for people looking for the perfect palette at an affordable price point in the midst of so much to choose from. 

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