Every now and then we all need some bling to be added to our lives and by that, we are definitely pointing towards the brand named Swarovski. There is something special about the brand that really sets it apart from all in the market. 

If you have ever been to any of the showrooms of the said brand then you would totally understand what we mean. The vibe and aura of this one are so captivating, real, and actually tangible to the experience of consumers. 

Crystals are a highlight here and you know that this sets this brand apart from many other brands selling crystals. 

Swarovski is an Austrian family-run business that started in 1862. It is going to been more than 125 years now that this business has been flourishing and is run by the 5th generation of the Austrian family.

Swarovski crystals are no doubt the fanciest ones on the planet but they are not actually crystals. It is a type of glasswork created via a patent process. 

The intricate and detailed process of making the glass look like a crystal involves adding shine to it so that it looks way prettier than any crystal on the planet. It is the final outcome and process of making that makes this one most popular in the market. 

Anything can be imitated in this day and age and Swarovski crystals are no exception at all. When you will start looking for the original stuff you would come across some serious imitations that you have never seen. 

The original stuff still can be pointed out and recognized with some tricks and tips. If there are bubbles in the crystal that you are looking at then it is definitely not the original thing. 

Swarovski crystals certainly do not have any bubbles in them and if the vendor tells you that it is common then do not give in to that just for the love of crystals. 

The reach of this brand is out of this world yet in it. The brand is expanded to 170 countries in the whole world and has more than 3000 stores around the globe. 

This makes this one generate billions of profits per year and we are not surprised why and how. The brand is also known to collaborate with some famous names and brands that do add to its popularity of it. 

The brand has collaborated with many known names in order to increase its worldwide reputation. Swarovski has partnered with Dior and has been in partnership with the famous Victoria Secret for the past 15 years. 

You know a brand is popular when it is being featured in magazines and especially movies. Swarovski was featured in the all-time favorite and mega-famous Titanic, James Bond: Die Another Day, Black Swan, academy award winner The Greatest Showman, and our favorite the Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Is Swarovski A Luxury Brand?

Many would think of this brand as a very expensive and luxurious one since it is quite popular and a good name in the crystal world. The jewelry here is pretty expensive and has unique design details that really make it stand out. 

As far as being a luxury brand goes, Swarovski is not really a luxury brand since luxury brands tend to use other materials like gold, platinum, or silver with other jewels which makes them both expensive and luxurious. 

Swarovski, on the other hand, does not do that but still, it is definitely an expensive and celebrity favorite brand for jewels. 

Is Swarovski Worth The Hype?

If you are into shiny jewels then most definitely it would love up to your expectations. The hype factor is dependent on what every individual perceives of the brand so for some it is amazing and for some just a bling store. 

What Type Of Brand Is Swarovski?

As compared to the normal glass jewels, Swarovski makes its jewelry out of crystal glass and that really sets it apart. The high-quality glass crystals here give a unique shape and clarity to the jewels that you don’t see that often. 

Swarovski is definitely, without a doubt, the most popular brand in the world and literally in every country. Shopping for jewels you just can’t miss out on Swarovski crystals since they do have that kind of long-lasting effect on every individual that walks into the stores of the brand. 

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