Are you a fan of jewelry? Do you like wearing expensive accessories as a statement? Are you tired of being duped by gold-plated chains? Love jewelry but just not at the point to be able to afford quality products?

Do not worry because we’ve got just the right spot for you. If you buy jewelry online then you have probably heard of ShopGLD. And yes it is legit!

It is a jewelry store concept that was started by Christian Johnston in Pittsburgh. This curious entrepreneur started the shop in his mom’s basement but now has multiple stores worldwide. The biggest one is in Miami, Florida.

Through the years, ShopGLD has collaborated with big rappers such as Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky, Trippie Redd, Snoop Dogg, and more.

World-renowned legendary athletes such as Paul Pogba, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant.

Today the GLD shop even has legitimate licenses from NBA, NFL, and even Marvel. They have built a large following of global fans, with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

ShoGLD sells jewelry such as diamond chains, pendants, ear rings, rings, bracelets, anklets for women and even apparel.

But is ShopGLD as reliable as it sounds? What products are they offering? What price range does it offer? Do they use premium quality materials for their goods?

Read on to learn more about the shop and determine whether it lives up to your standards!

Does ShopGLD sell real diamonds?

Real diamond, in its pure element, raw form, is unusable for jewelry. This is simply because it is not aesthetic.

The diamond has to undergo a process of cutting and polishing before it can be incorporated into a piece of jewelry.

A higher ability to reflect the light generally means a better quality diamond.

For understanding the different types of diamonds, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS) created the Diamond Clarity Chart.

The reflective ability of the diamond is classified according to this chart.

The Diamond Clarity Chart ranges from “I” meaning inclusions are included, to “IF” (Internally flawless).

ShopGLD uses SI2 (Small Inclusions 2) to VVSI (Very Very Small Inclusions) diamonds in their products.

Inclusions refer to the number of particles seen with the naked eye or a microscope inside or on the diamond.

Some factors like the size and cut, carat, and clarity of the diamond, determine its price. ShopGLD uses the SI2 type ranging to VVSI type diamonds to facilitate consumers that cannot afford pricey merch.

Are GLD Chains real gold?

To answer this question we need to consider what real gold actually means.

In the United States, the purity of gold is referred to in Karats. Hallmark for using gold starts at 10K to 14K,18K,24K.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued guidelines for the jewelry industry which maintain quality while protecting the consumer’s health. The summary of these is explained below.

10 karats is the lowest quality of gold, with a purity of 41.7% gold mixed with other elements. Although its standard is reduced, the price is also cut off for budget spenders.

Most jewelry is made with 14 karats of gold because it contains a high percentage of gold (almost 58.5%) mixed with trace metals that give stability to the compound.

As gold is a highly unstable compound, high percentages of gold are generally not used to make wearables.

If you are the type of person who prefers looks over durability, 18 karat gold is the best for you. It has a saturated yellowish gold color, better than 14 karat gold. It is 75% gold.

However, the durability is compromised. It is also at a higher risk of getting scratched because it is soft. Also, it is significantly more expensive.

24 karat is the purest form. It is a 99.9% pure form of gold. It is not used in making jewelry because it is super soft and does not stay in a specific shape for a long time. It is also the most expensive one.

ShopGLD uses 10-24K gold in their products. They use yellow, white, and rose gold. They have included a variety of gold percentages to appeal to their customers.

It offers stylish and in-trend jewelry for people with a lower budget and also for people with high budgets. Their gold chain price ranges from $50 to $500.

Is GLD gold fake?

The statement “GLD gold is fake” is subjective.

ShopGLD offers both gold-plated products and solid gold pieces.

They do this because their target audience ranges from lower socio-economic individuals who want to look fresh to rich people who like fashionable accessories.

Thus, GLD gold can not be considered fake. Essentially plated gold is also “real” gold following the standards. The base is of another metal. This is done to reduce the price so that more people can afford it.

Does ShopGLD use real gold?

Yes, ShopGLD uses real, authentic, standard gold for all its products. This is true for both solid gold and gold-plated products.

So is ShopGLD legit?

In summary, yes. ShopGLD is a well-renowned seller of fine and affordable jewelry. They offer a variety of products such as diamond and gold necklaces, rings, earrings, and even apparel.

In addition, they also use Rhodium, Platinum, and Sterling Silver for manufacturing goods.

ShopGLD is a good and trusted choice regardless of when you are low on cash or loaded. It does not disappoint both in terms of affordability and quality.


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