In a world full of graphically engaging social media ads that proclaim even mediocre designs and brands as hallmarks of perfection, it becomes really hard for consumers to locate and find the best quality from this intricate and confusing mesh.

That is why we have done all the extra hard work for you to bring to you a highly famous and trustworthy brand, Perry Ellis.

We all know that attire at any important event can reflect a thousand things about your personality. Understanding this basic yet essential concept, Perry Ellis brings forth the most appropriate clothing items for all kinds of events.

In this short article, we shall be discussing Perry Ellis- who founded it, what it is all about, and whether it is even worth buying from.

About Perry Ellis: Who Found It?

In 1978, Perry Ellis, an American fashion designer, worked with his parent company, The Vera Companies, to launch his own fashion house, ‘Perry Ellis International.’

A showroom was then inaugurated at New York’s 7th Avenue, where he exhibited his first Menswear collection.

The collection was an instant hit, and over the years, Ellis won numerous awards like the 9 Coty Awards and a prestigious CFDA Designer of the Year Award in 1982 for his bold and modern takes on men’s fashion.

Ellis was known to consider fashion an art. Unlike traditional designers, Perry made full and complete use of patterns, pops of colors, new shapes, and other eccentric design approaches.

By introducing never-before-seen styles, he carved out his own niche in the already competitive industry.

What Happened to The Perry Ellis’ Brand?

Vera Companies, which owned Perry Ellis was bought by Salant in 1986. Soon after, Perry Ellis was acquired by Supreme inc. in 1996 which was a textile firm based in Miami.

Under Supreme, the net shares of the brand rose from $1.625 to $16. Following this success, Supreme was renamed ‘Perry Ellis International.’

In 2002, Salant, which once bought Perry Ellis, was now bought by Perry Ellis International!

The company has since only grown and has acquired many other textile firms, including big names like the ‘Original Penguin’ and golf brand’s famous ‘Ping Collection,’ to name a few.

Is Perry Ellis a Designer Brand?

The clothing line has a simple motto: to enhance the confidence of its wearers to go anywhere and do anything, be it related to work, play, or family.

Perry Ellis has some of the finest designers on its payroll who produce new and unique styles all the time to add to the company’s already exquisite collection.

This approach has turned the small brand that Ellis made into a global lifestyle brand that is now designing high-quality products for all areas of life.

Clothes, fragrances, watches, footwear, and other accessories are all sold by the brand.

The company still strives to revolutionize and innovate its methods so that customers can continue to get fresh and relevant clothing, creating a highly versatile wardrobe that can easily adapt to various events.

Perry’s optimism to live life to its fullest is not only instilled in the brand’s culture and history but also sewn into each of its high-quality products.

Its mission is to make the world inclusive for all where there is no limit to what one can achieve.

This is why each of their products is optimized to perfection. Perry Ellis is, therefore, a designer brand and one of the finest in the industry as well.

What is Perry Ellis Known For?

Perry Ellis International Inc is known far and wide globally as a leading designer and licensor of a huge variety of high-grade men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, fragrances, and shoes.

The company’s collection includes casual, and dress shirts, golf sportswear, sweaters, dress pants, casual pants, shorts, jeans wear, activewear, dresses, and men’s and women’s swimwear which is available via all levels of retail to masses of various age groups.

The brand is most famous for how it links its designs to Real life and ensures simplicity and comfort for all.

Due to this unique approach, they are able to design for specific demographics of the population and are thus able to target niches that most companies don’t.

Perry Ellis owns a chain of small retail stores throughout the U.S. while being headquartered in Florida. The raw materials needed to maintain the quality of the final products are sourced from over 130 independent suppliers all over the globe.

This then combines with Perry’s 45+ years of experience and expertise to deliver world-class products!

Is Perry Ellis a Famous Brand?

Putting all the comfort and class aside, we know that wearing outfits from famous brands has its own Jazz, right? So Perry Ellis is famous enough for you to rock? Let’s find out.

To start with, Perry Ellis has weaved its way to Hollywood’s Red Carpet a lot. It has paired with Vanity Fair multiple times to host parties for many television series.

They have even organized toasts and pre-Emmy parties for various nominees. Parties for Heroes in 2007, 30 Rock in 2008, and The Office in 2010 are just a few events of which Perry was a part.

The famous clothing line has famous celebs as well among its huge fanbase.

Joe Manganiello, who starred in HBO’s True Blood, showered the brand with praises at the 2012 Perry Ellis runway show. He was reported to have said, “I always told myself if ‘I made it,’ I’d look the part.”

Many other celebrities have also worn Perry Ellis masterpieces to the Red Carpet. Chris Colfer from Glee wore a Perry outfit to the prestigious Outfest Film Festival Awards in 2010. Besides this, the Espy Awards for ESPN also saw NFL star Hank Baskett wearing Perry Ellis.

Other popular figures in various industries, e.g., Jason Kennedy, appreciate the brand’s designs by regularly wearing Perry.

So yes, after not only testing the market and reading enough positive reviews, we would definitely classify Perry Ellis as a legitimate brand that we recommend for sure!


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